The reason why the Internet frequently falls off the line

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The reason that the Internet frequently falls off the line

dial-up Internet via ADSL is a very common thing. You know, ADSL online off the phenomenon, but also you often encounter a small fault, this fault occurs frequently, seriously affecting the efficiency of our surfing the Internet. The cause of ADSL internet off line phenomenon is many, including improper setting of the network card parameters, the quality of the network card is poor, the performance of ADSL equipment is not good, the dialing line is disturbed, the driver compatibility is not good, etc. once we are unlucky to encounter these failures, Often take the following measures to deal with: Check whether the correct installation of the separator, check whether the network cable contact securely, check the relevant parameters of network card is correct, check the working status of ADSL equipment is normal, check ADSL equipment cooling is good and so on.

in fact, in addition to the above factors will lead to dial-up Internet off line, there are a number of small factors are often overlooked by netizens, resulting in the process of resolving the line out of many detours; This is not, recently, I encountered a strange internet line down fault, The fault of the sin Huai is the culprit is tightly wound network cable caused, now this article will be the special troubleshooting process to contribute to the user friends, hope to be inspired!

fault playback: Hand over the network line buried hidden trouble

the author of the Office of the adsl+ router to share the Internet, usually in the office of every computer on the Internet is normal, and the speed of the Internet is also very good. Recently, a colleague in the office, when changing the location of the desk, to see the cable connected to the ADSL cable is relatively long, looks very messy, in order to beautify the environment he conveniently tidied up the network cable, then the office of the other at the same time no attention. After this, the author in his workstation to try ADSL dial-up Internet, always encountered frequent drop line fault; The fault phenomenon is that once the ADSL dial-up connection is offline, the virtual dial-up network connection is still in the normal running state, and can not be directly disconnected by manual method, Must restart the local workstation system, the author can again dial-up Internet operation.

At first, it is likely that the failure of the local network card device is the operating speed of the ADSL device does not match the cause, so I immediately click the "Start"/"Settings"/"Network Connection" command, in the Pop-up Network Connection List window, right-click the "Local Area Connection" icon, and execute the shortcut menu, "Properties"  command, open the Local Area Connection Properties Settings window, and in the General tab of the Settings window, click the Configure button at connect using. Then click the "Advanced" tab in the card Configuration page that pops up and open the tab Settings page as shown in Figure 1; Select the Link Speed in the Page Properties list box. Duplex "project, the author found that in the default state of the local workstation network card speed is set to" 100mbps/full Duplex ", will not be the speed of the network card is too high to cause dial-up network connection instability? In view of this, the author is here to the local workstation network card speed modified to "10mbps/full Duplex", and finally click the "OK" button to end the network card speed setup operation, and try to do dial-up Internet operation, however, it is surprising that dial-up Internet still frequent drop-line phenomenon.

because the network card equipment processing is weak signal, the author is worried that the network card equipment may be disturbed by foreign signals, the author immediately cut off the power of the local workstation, at the same time open the chassis shell of the mainframe, found that the network card equipment and display card equipment by a relatively close, Will it be that the high speed rotating fan in the display card interferes with the NIC's working state? In order to reduce the external interference, the author decided to plug the network card device, so that it away from the display card with high-speed rotating fan, but when the author of the card to plug into the card away from the PCI slot, found again to dial the Internet, the network is still frequent drop line. I have to borrow other colleagues in the Office of the workstation to surf the internet, after a try to find that other workstations are also the same dial-up network failure, which means that the frequent failure of the Internet line is not caused by workstations, the problem is likely to appear in ADSL equipment. To this end, the author quickly in the local workstation to perform a ping command to see if the ADSL equipment can be properly connected, the results found that ADSL equipment can be ping through the normal, and then I open IE browser, and in the Browse window of the address bar to enter the background of ADSL equipment management address, Then enter the administrator name and password, login into the background of ADSL equipment management interface, and then query the interface of the uplink signal attenuation and downlink signal attenuation, found that their values are basically normal, which indicates that ADSL dial-up line in the normal smooth state.

Considering that the office before the Internet is normal, since the staff desk position changes after the frequent Internet drop-line phenomenon on the Gesanchaiwu to visit, will not be a colleague accidentally did what? According to this analysis, the author carefully examined the connection between the ADSL device and the router network cable, found that the joint between them is very secure, and then check the middle of the line, I saw the network cable by colleagues tied into a bundle, will not be network cable by a circle around the winding up, the signal attenuation is more serious? Based on this idea, the writer immediately began to relax the bundle of network cables, and the winding of the wire directly with the hand to wipe straight; After the author once again tried dial-up Internet operation, the results found that after a long time on the Internet, the network connection state has been very stable, there has never been frequent drop-line phenomenon, This shows that the frequent failure of the Internet line is caused by the winding network cable. Originally, colleagues in the change of desk position, found that the network cable messy, affected the office environment, so he didn't want to be in the messy cable to organize into a tie, who had thought that this winding network cable unexpectedly in unknowingly brought us trouble.

Fault Summary

Although the failure of frequent internet line has been successfully resolved, can let the author still feel puzzled is, why network cable winding together, dial-up Internet operation will occur frequent drop-line fault? Later, by searching the relevant information of the network, the author finally found the answer, originally when the network cable was surrounded by a circle and tied together, this invisible formed an inductance coil, and when there is a faint current signal through the winding cable, will automatically produce a significant inductance current, This will naturally interfere with the normal network signal current, and eventually lead to dial-up Internet frequent drop-line phenomenon. When the author tries to straighten the winding network cable, there will be no inductance current in the network cable, so that the network transmission signal will not be disturbed, then the network will not happen to lose the line fault.

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