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Network | Network Marketing today saw a friend called the middle of the message, for network marketing, he said a "diligent" word. Yes, "Qin" is indeed one of the secrets of online marketing. However, in Biaoju's view, the same important thing is "holding" and "enlightenment".

Can do this three words, hehe, no matter what you do, will have some harvest.

In Ali village, although I do is the freight business, but can extrapolate friend, certainly will find out from the article to fit their own network road.

Qin: Since last year 51, the identification of Tradelink is an excellent marketing road. I made a serious study of Tradelink, set up a "signature file" and other marketing weapons, in addition to often write articles, I do the most is, with keywords, such as import and export, shipping and other words to search for potential customers. The answers to every search are thousands of million. Then it is patiently to send one every few minutes or so, and answer each other's inquiries patiently with the reply-to friend.

For a stranger to send information, Alibaba has restrictions, I ordered a few trade pass, turns to hair. The hair is unable to send, in adds for the trade pass friend sends.

Hold: That is to insist. In the company, others are busy, I have little things. I just sat in front of the computer and sent messages more than 10 hours a day. Every day so, a few uninterrupted.

The hardest thing to insist on is that after nearly three months, I have contacted tens of thousands of potential customers, but not to implement a customer. At that time, although I decided that this is a feasible way, but to persist, still need considerable perseverance. Fortunately, the days are not negative, I have five stable customers, but I have contacted at least 50,000 unknown potential customers. Plus the company developed by others, a total of more than 10 online customers.

In addition to the back with the blog alone to attract a customer, other customers are national day before, with Tradelink or Tradelink to find a combination of the blog. Alas, because of the wrong person, also lost a relatively large customer, so far is a regret.

Please see the details: Miss, please do not use the customer threat me-the sewer capsized, this is my precious first online customer AH. For this, I grieved for a long time. But I hate to be threatened, even if you threaten me with the whole company, knowing that it will be so, I'll still do it.

Also because after the national day has been busy reviewing English, to participate in a very important exam, so there is no time to specifically visit the customer and explain why.

Wu: This is actually the most important thing. Generally speaking, is to combine the actual situation of their company's business, to determine online marketing ideas. For example, the use of good Ali provided a variety of weapons suitable for their own; subdivide and search for your potential target customers; Try to do your own blog, design a suitable advertising language for your business, be clear and concise; After the end of August, I always forget to pass tradelink, invite my potential customers to my blog for a rest, and so on.

I say "WU", and meditation's enlightenment, should be a truth. The strong should pay equal attention to theory and practice, constantly "epiphany", and constantly revise the marketing strategy according to the new discoveries and new problems.

Probably with my past more than 10 years of college teaching and research habits, often encounter new things of interest, I always with a very high enthusiasm and keen to study and improve.

After last year's National day, because of too busy. Most of the time, have been involved in the review, I have never through tradelink to contact customers. Just write a few articles a week and post them on your blog. Otherwise, my client will certainly be more.

Speaking of this, I still can't imagine doing small items on the internet retail. You want to, even if it is to achieve my five clients business volume, like lingerie sister they, every day to sell the number of brassiere underwear to 10 meters is not enough.

Very busy, it is too late to seriously study business outside the freight business. But, two days ago, I sincerely wrote a letter to my underwear sister. In addition, also write a letter to the light life. These two letters, even my thoughts and suggestions on business outside the freight business.

I have always believed that, as long as "diligent", "hold", "WU" pay equal attention to, there is little to do the cause.

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