The weblogic service is inexplicably shut down and reports a segment error. weblogic is inexplicably

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The weblogic service is inexplicably shut down and reports a segment error. weblogic is inexplicably

Four weblogic nodes were released on site. the weblogic version was 10.3 and the jdk version was 1.6.0 _ 24. Services were inexplicably stopped at the same time. The error is:

/Bea/GG/domains/domain/bin/startWebLogic. sh: line 188: 22691 error section $ {JAVA_HOME}/bin/java $ {JAVA_VM }$ {MEM_ARGS}-Dweblogic. name =$ {SERVER_NAME}-Djava. security. policy =$ {WL_HOME}/server/lib/weblogic. policy $ {JAVA_OPTIONS }$ {PROXY_SETTINGS }$ {SERVER_CLASS}

There are two solutions: select the latter.

One has setup OIM 11g using JDK 1.6.0 _ 21 or less and you are encountring Segmentaiton fault during srever startup.

Logs show:

/Oracle/app/admin/IDMDomain/mserver/IDMDomain/bin/startWebLogic. sh: line 175: 30628 Segmentation fault $ {JAVA_HOME}/bin/java $ {JAVA_VM }$ {MEM_ARGS}-Dweblogic. name =$ {SERVER_NAME}-Djava. security. policy =$ {WL_HOME}/server/lib/weblogic. policy $ {JAVA_OPTIONS }$ {PROXY_SETTINGS }$ {SERVER_CLASS}
<May 16,201 1 10:19:48 AM> <FINEST> <NodeManager> <Waiting for the process to die: 30581> CAUSE

The real cause of issue hasn't been known. it cocould be due to a JVM bug found in older version. to investigate further a Bug: 12574592had been raised however it has been closed as the issue didn't get occur after the solution given below was tried.

Bug: 12574592-jvm process segfaults during class loading (status closed)


As a workaround:
1) Upgrade JDK from 1.6.0 _ 21 to 1.6.0 _ 23 (or latest version, 1.6.0 _ 24)

2) Modify WebLogic startup script (or Node Manager server startup settings) to add disableMemoryMapping = true

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