There are five groups of people in a team: scum, people, talent and people

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There are five persons in a team:

1. Scum: Nothing happens. Pull the gangs, stir up the event, eat the lie inside and out, and destroy the sub-elements. 2. Personnel: it is a mediocre person who only receives wages and does not like to do things.
3. Manpower: people who want to arrange what to do and never do anything.
4. Talents: people who do things from the heart every day, have the responsibility, thinking, and organization to know what the company has done, benefit from themselves, and care about the company at the same time.
5. people: people who work with the soul and are determined to do business with their boss!
People care about each other, people need to be guided, and development depends on talents. Talents focus on the present and people only look at the future!
Generally, scum may exist in large teams and large organizations. The small team can easily see it at a glance and cannot mix it. However, the personnel, manpower, and talents are the subjects, and the characters cannot be found.
Big figures!
All teams must work together to promote each other and achieve win-win development and create brilliant achievements!

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