These 8 free online courses can help you grow your technology

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In the past, when we talked about educational resources, we first thought of universities and colleges, because they were places where we could learn more and improve our skills. Now, with the advent of the Internet, we have provided more open learning resources. When we want to learn some kind of skill, we can have more choices. For example, in the field of computer science, if you want to learn programming or its associated knowledge and skills, in addition to choosing a university or college, you can also achieve your goals through some online education and training courses. Many of these online courses are free, so you can save on the cost of education. Now more and more people are falling in love with this "self-taught" learning model, and eventually become outstanding technical personnel.

1. Data visualization(visualization)

Big Data technology talent is increasingly becoming a sought-after resource for many companies. How to visualize data using different methods, helping to articulate data and insights that are highly demanded by the market today. Coursera provides information about the data visualization

Basic courses, including graphic programming, human perception, cognition, basic visualization, visual relationships and information. The learning period for the course is four weeks, and the study time is about 4-6 hours per day. Students can also adjust their learning according to their actual situation.

The time of learning. After all levels of learning tasks are passed, an electronic certificate issued by Coursera can be obtained. Most of the courses are free of charge, and students can watch video lectures and part-learning tasks for free.

2. Programming for everybody (Python ) ( everyone learns Python)

This is the basic course of learning Python, designed for beginners, Coursera. This is also the first course for beginners to learn, so its focus is on understanding the concept. It does not require students to have an advanced level of mathematics. If you've ever thought about learning how to program, or just interested in learning simple, intuitive programming syntax, you can now take advantage of this opportunity to learn python. The learning cycle for the course is 6 weeks, 2-4 hours a week.

3. Begin programming:build your First mobile game (to design your one-of-a-move games)

This is a crash course offered by the future learn, which aims to teach Java beginners to learn basic programming knowledge. The course teaches you to learn programming by modifying a Java mini-game. This game can be run on your PC or Android mobile device. The course consists of video tutorials, case demos, Java game code, download guides and articles, and group discussions. The study time is about 4 hours per week.

4. Driving Business results with big data (to drive the growth of our businesses with the biggest figures)

This is a free course offered by Big data, Opensap. It uses cases to show how to discover the value of the collected data. The first week of the course will learn how different companies can analyze the big data they provide to find the success of their business. The rest of the courses will cover different SAP solutions and their role in the Big Data world, enterprise step and SAP environments. The weekly study time is about 4-5 hours. Through this course, students should be able to learn basic SAP technology.

5. Diploma in Multimedia development (Multimedia development)

Alison teaches you how to use multimedia tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Flash, Audacity, Director MX, and Adobe After effects to create video, visual effects, Motion graphics and animations. This is a fully autonomous course, so you can freely arrange your study time. The course takes about 10-15 hours to study. At the end of the course, you can learn basic skills and tools commonly used by graphic designers to create compelling content.

6. Introduction to Linux(learning Linux)

If you want to learn Linux, but do not want to add extra expense, the courses offered by EdX can help you. It offers free courses for learning Linux, including a flat interface, command line, and all major Linux allocations. This course focuses on the daily work environment of the Linux manager and covers the relevant tools and skills.

7. Google Analytics Academy (Google Analytics Society )

With the popularity of internet, online shopping and social media marketing, the competition for organic search traffic has peaked. Knowing your website data will help you make decisions based on your data, while improving the user experience of your customers. By learning Google Analytics Online Learning Center, you can better use the data that's hidden in your site.

8. Udacity(Yida learning City)

Udacity is a free computer course offered by Stanford University in 2011. Now, it has a population of tens of millions of users. Topics include HTML, Python, Data science, and more. Google also partnered with Udacity to offer Android development courses to the public. Students are free to use course materials such as instructional videos and project guidance.

In addition to the 8 free online courses described above, you can also learn about the following. They are all very good and help you to constantly improve your professional skills.

    • Microsoft Virtual Academy
    • Building Mobile Experiences
    • ABC It-computer Training Suite
    • Design and development of educational technology
    • Harvard ' s CS50 computer science

If you want to use programming as your personal long-term goal, you need to be constantly learning and practicing. In addition to taking the appropriate courses, you can also watch other people's live or video on the, which is especially beneficial for beginners. Because there are many experienced programmers, developers and engineers on the platform, they will share their experiences and experience for free, covering more than 260 programming languages, and can even help you solve problems in your study and work. You can also register as a live person and share your experience in learning a programming language, the process of developing a program, or some interesting ideas that are shared with users of the platform in a live broadcast manner. When you persist for a period of time, you will find that your knowledge, way of thinking and skills, and so on all aspects will be improved.

These 8 free online courses can help you grow your technology

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