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Hi, I'm Atzie.
I am honored to be here to discuss with you the problem of website design. At present, the network on the production of various tutorials on the web has been quite a lot, you can easily learn the latest technology and skills. However, the design of Web pages, such as the realization of design inspiration, style determination, development strategy, technology screening and other articles are relatively few, many netizens often have good materials, but distressed no good expressive design. By Soyi moderator encouragement, Atzie sorted out some of the web design experience, here and everyone to exchange, also calculate a start, hope to get your correction, if you have good advice and experience, please write to me, here first say thank you!

Website design, contains a lot of content. Generally divided into two areas:
On the one hand is the design of the website itself, such as text typesetting, picture production, graphic design, three-dimensional design, static silent text, dynamic audio images, etc.
On the other hand is the extension of the site design, including the site's theme positioning and browsing group positioning, intelligent interaction, production planning, image packaging, promotional marketing and so on.
These two complementary (feel a bit like write dialectic paper:), coupled with the rapid development of network technology, to put forward an absolutely correct and authoritative design ideas is impossible, to be summed up in an article is also difficult, so Atzie according to the construction of a website idea, In the past few years the experience of Web design made a series of "lectures", told everyone (note: I will not be very specific to say a certain technology or production skills, focus on ideas) hope to give you some help. Here's a rough outline:

1. Locate the theme and name of your website;
2. Locate CI image of your website;
3. Determine your columns and sections;
4. The overall style of the website creative design
5. Web site hierarchy and link structure
6. The design of the homepage
7. Layout of the Tips
8. Color Matching
9. Effect and speed
10. For visitors to consider
11. The subtle point of view skill
12. Completion of construction and launch time
13. Interactivity and Affinity
14. Consider different browsers and resolutions
15. Font settings and table nesting
16. The use of new technology trade-offs
17. Design your banner and location
18. Sentence text--into the feelings
19. Suggestions for beginners of website design

These are the outlines of this "series" article and will make some changes based on actual writing. One article per week. Before we start, let's first make a few assumptions:
A Website design and website production. We say that the site "design" rather than the site "production", the difference is that the design is a process of thinking, and production is just the result of thinking. A successful website first needs an excellent design, then complemented by excellent production. Design is the core and soul of a Web site, and a similar design can have a variety of ways of producing performance.
Two The "website" we refer to is a practical site with a definite subject and purpose, excluding pure performance or text-only websites.
Three In the article, you may illustrate or comment to specific sites. First of all, Atzie does not exist for any site for advertising "suspicion."
Okay, cut the crap, let's get to the point:


One: Locate your site theme and name

Design a site, first encountered the problem is to locate the site theme.
The theme is the subject matter of your website. Web site on the theme of strange, dazzling. As long as you think, you can make it out. Here are some of the 10 topics in the Top 100 U.S.-famous websites of the 99 ranking of the US PC Magazine (PC Magazine), which are of some reference value to us.
Category 1th: Online job Search
Class 2nd: Online chat/Instant message/ICQ
Class 3rd: Online community/discussion/Mailing list
Class 4th: Computer Technology
Class 5th: Web/Web Development
Category 6th: Entertainment website
Category 7th: Travel
Category 8th: Reference/Information
Category 9th: Family/Education
Category 10th: Life/Fashion
Each major category can continue to subdivide, such as entertainment category is divided into sports/film/music category, music can be divided into Mp3,vqf,ra, according to the form of classical, modern, rock and so on. The above are just the most common subject matter, there are many professional, alternative, unique themes can be selected, such as Traditional Chinese medicine, tropical fish, weather forecasts and so on, at the same time, the various themes linked and cross-linking can produce new themes, such as tourism forum (tourism + discussion), the classic into the ball play (soccer + film and television) according to this division, There are tens of thousands of themes, you will not repeat the theme, difficult to choose and worry about it:
For the choice of subject matter, my suggestion is:
1. The theme should be small and fine. Positioning to small, content to fine. If you want to make a comprehensive site, all you think wonderful things on top, then often counterproductive, giving people the feeling is no theme, no characteristics, everything is very superficial, because you can not have so much energy to maintain it. The biggest feature of the network is new and fast, the current most popular personal homepage is updated daily or even a few hours update. The latest survey results also show that the "theme Station" on the Internet is more popular than the "foolproof station", like stores and department stores, if I need to buy something, I will definitely choose to buy a shop. For another example, KK, a friend of mine, wanted to make literary subjects, but literature also included a lot of content, novels, poetry, prose, science fiction, martial arts, and reasoning; Atzie a good understanding of his expertise and the main content he wanted to provide, and finally the theme in the online literature, Deleted some of the original literature works, focusing on the expansion and collation of network literature. After the launch of the website, quickly by everyone's favorite.
2. The subject matter is best your own good or favorite content. For example: You are good at programming, you can build a program enthusiasts website, interested in football, you can report the latest situation, star dynamics and so on. So in the production, will not feel bored or powerless. Interest is the motivation to make a website, there is no enthusiasm, it is difficult to design and produce outstanding works.
3. Do not be too indiscriminate or too high a goal. "Too much" refers to all the subjects that are visible everywhere, such as software downloads, free information. "Goal too high" refers to the subject has been very good, well-known sites, you have to surpass it is very difficult. Unless you are determined to compete with strength and surpass it, remember that only the first on the Internet, people often only remember the best site, the second third place the impression will be much lighter.

OK, if you already have a brilliant idea, then we start to name the site. (Oh, don't kick me!) You may think that the name has nothing to do with the website design, Atzie waste time here. In fact, the site name is also part of the site design, but also a key element. You see, "Computer Learning Room" and "Bathers" is obviously the latter concise, "Flute Park" and "midi Paradise" is clearly the latter clear, "Children's World" and "Chinese kindergarten" is obviously the latter atmosphere. We all know Piiicup Chinese name "Pentium", if changed to "Run", may not be so "fire" today:). As in real life, the site name is upright, loud, easy to remember, the site's image and publicity also has a great impact. The general recommendations are:

1. The name should be positive. This "Zheng" is Atzie own statement, in fact, is to be legal, and reason, and love. Cannot use the reactionary, pornographic, superstitious, endanger the social security the noun sentence.
2. The name should be easy to remember. According to the characteristics of Chinese web site visitors, unless specific needs, the site name is best in Chinese name, do not use English or English mixed-type name. For example: Beyond Studio and beyond the studio, the latter is more cordial and good to remember. In addition, the site name of the word should be controlled in six words (preferably four words) within, such as "XX Pavilion" "XX design Room", four words can use idioms, such as "a net hit." Few words also have a benefit, the General Friendship link Small logo size is 88x31, and six words width is about 78, suitable for other sites of the link layout.
3. The name must have the characteristic. The name level can be accepted, if can embody a certain connotation, give the viewer more visual impact and space imagination, it is top grade. Here give a few Atzie think very good name: Music avantgarde, Web Pottery Bar, the sound of nature. In the embodiment of the theme of the site at the same time, can point out the characteristics of the place.

In short, positioning theme and name is the first step to design a Web site, but also a very important part. If you can find a satisfactory name, it is worthwhile to spend a day flipping through the dictionary:
Well, today's experience is written here. Because it is the first one, so if you have any suggestions for the format of this series, please write to Atzie to make the Atzie change accordingly. If you have a better experience, please write, Atzie will be preferred to publish. Thank you! The next topic we'll discuss is "Locate CI images of your website."

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