Three or five shots, capable of revolution, three or five people, can start a business

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    • Three or five shots, capable of revolution, three or five people, can start a business
    • Let's change the world together?
    • Three or five shots, capable of Revolution
    • Three or five people can start a business
Three or five shots, capable of revolution, three or five people, can start a business

Let's change the world together?

China never lacks people with ideas. What is lacking is people who put their ideas into practice and ultimately implement them. The average people are traditional, conservative, looking forward, hesitant, and never dare to take risks (like hiding in a corner to create a cage to circle themselves, and then standing in a distant place outside the cage, SHOUTING: It's a god man), so even if most people have ideas, they will eventually lose their ideas, so they will eventually be assimilated, but at last they will ask why they are under 30 years old, one Zuckerberg killed all Chinese entrepreneurs in seconds? (The truth is too early)

This afternoon, I visited csdn and brought two copies back.ProgramMember magazine (thanks ). In programmer magazine2012The2At the end of this period, we saw that Ji yichao, a developer of ghost browser, had the following words:

"Now developers like to say they have some great ideas, and some people even send me emails saying,Let's change the world together. However, I think that the ideas in my mind are worthless before they are put into reality. Too many people have their own ideas. The key is how to implement them. Even if you have a good business model, you also need to rely on Product Support. Nowadays, many people with ideas have positioned themselves as a similar product manager, which often lacks experience in art, development, testing, promotion, and operation. However, I think, as long as you try to solve these problems, these problems are actually well solved."

I thought it was.

Three or five guns can be used for revolution, but can be used for revolution, but it is not a revolution. First, let's look at the definition of the revolution: the revolution has broad and narrow meanings. in a broad sense, the Revolution refers to promoting fundamental changes in things and causing a leap of things from the old to the new; in a narrow sense, revolution mainly refers to social and political revolutions. Moreover, the word "Revolution" comes from "Zhou Yi Ge · Yi Chuan": "The world changes for four times. The Tang Wu Revolution depends on people ". * ** In its "Hunan Peasant Movement Investigation Report", the author pointed out: "The revolution is not about dinner, not about making an article, not about painting or embroidery. It cannot be as elegant as it is, that's cool. Revolution is a violent action by a class to overturn a class. "
Revolution is a kind of behavior of the majority of people. It may start with three or five people to lead people and gradually develop and grow. It is a kind of violent or indirect action to pursue a better life, it is often a new thing to replace old things, a new system to replace old systems, a new way of life to replace an old way of life, such as the Xinhai Revolution. As a result, we found that three or five guns can lead the revolution. However, if they only happen among a few people, such as three or five people, they cannot be called a revolution.  PS:Regarding the revolution, Han wrote a good article on Sina's blog. For more information, see Han's discussion about the revolution. Three or five people can start a business. What is entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship refers to a technology that an individual discovers information, resources, opportunities, or master, and uses or borrows the relevant platform or carrier to discover information, resources, opportunities, or skills, the process of transforming, creating more wealth and value in a certain way, and achieving a certain pursuit or goal. Therefore, we know that entrepreneurship is a kind of autonomous behavior of a few people, which may only require three or five people. For example, I have Friend Peter, who received the first investment in angel Bay in last August and then officially started development. Three core teams, one responsible for products (friend Wu Chao) and the other responsible for backend architecture (Peter ), one person is in charge of the front-end (jianmeng). After more than six months of development, the website was launched at on June 1, February 22. ( Http:// ) A platform for virtual employment and online work. The concept is simple: migrating some jobs to the Internet, including recruiting individuals from companies, project delivery, and wage settlement, all office locations are stored online... here, we found that entrepreneurship is not a revolution, and it is not related to violence. We only need one or two or three people to work together to complete a business or business, of course, the scale of the development will be specific. ( PS: Chinese internet startups should help each other rather than copy each other) Two previous ideas and plans There were two ideas and plans: stackoverflow in China and online Talent Evaluation Platform similar to interviewstreet. OK. Let me explain it in detail.
    • ChinaStackoverflow

Now there is a programmer-oriented Q & A outside ChinaCommunityStackoverflow:Http:// However, you should focus only on one direction and on questions and answers in one field. 

    • Enterprise interview service platform:Online evaluation and recommendation of talent
Project Background At present, there is a lack of commercial social job platforms such as LinkedIn in China. As a result, excellent talents cannot be found in enterprises, enterprises cannot find excellent talents, and recruitment efficiency is too low. From the employee's point of view, the most reliable way to find a job is: 1. Invited; 2. Pushed by the company's employees; 3. Outstanding scores in the company's recruitment test. Others: There is limited room for headhunters. hard conditions/rules have been fixed by the company in advance, but they are not flexible and flexible. As for online resumes, it is a great deal of time. From the enterprise perspective, enterprises often spend a lot of time and money but cannot find suitable and reliable talents. Sometimes, it is hard to find an employee for an interview. The interview results are unsatisfactory, and many of them are found to be unqualified only after the trial period of great expenses. Therefore, if there is no good talent discovery/Recommendation mechanism, it is always difficult for enterprises to find people and find enterprises. When I was at school in February CEO I shared my plan for an enterprise interview service platform. The so-called enterprise interview service platform is a platform dedicated to enterprise interviews, recruitment, and customized services. To put it bluntly, it is an interview service for enterprises. What should we do? 1, We know that the traditional recruitment process for enterprises is to present on-site presentations and then collect resumes (the level of resumes cannot be judged and may be understood by phone, but you don't expect to see everything you want from your resume), then call a person to take a test, and finally inform the Company of the interview. After receiving our resume, we gradually reduced the on-site test, and were transformed and replaced Tailored to the company's recruitment needs Of Online Evaluation (There are multiple methods, such as online question preparation or online building of open-source systems, to directly judge the quality or level of resumes), and then Online Filtering To put it bluntly, Online evaluation replaces the written test. After passing the examination, you can directly interview . To put it bluntly, you submitted your resume to our company, right? Well, now you can test it on this platform, It is convenient for our company to arrange your position based on your actual skill level .
    • For enterprisesRecommend suitable and reliable talents for EnterprisesAt the same time, it helps enterprises eliminate the need for electricity and arrange the venue for on-site test, saving time and effort to save resources, and achieving precise talent positioning. In the past, it was an internal employee of the company. Now it is a platform that has a larger scale, a wider source, and a higher quality. It is more reliable after practical tests.
    • For Platform Users, when you pass our online evaluation or examination, we will direct your resume to the recruitment manager of the corresponding company, in addition, you can get a test-free test or even send an offer based on the situation.Speak with strength, rather than being beaten by HR for reasons such as resume or education background.
2, At the same time, cooperation with enterprises Hold a Programming Competition , Mining related talents, existing ACM/poj Unlike what we want to do, most of the former is to win the competition, and we will only conduct online evaluation based on our work needs. That is to say, the latter is to find a suitable job for an interview. In contrast, this demand is more in line with the public's reality and more urgent. Even holding Project Challenges with enterprises The Enterprise initiates a project challenge and invites people to participate in solving the problems encountered in the company's project, instead of sitting down and looking at the resume. Once invited, they will have the opportunity to present their talents to potential employers and provide solutions. In the end, the company will select the winner. Or, simply click: Reward Solution Isn't it easy to say that it's not popular? It's easy to do: if you have money, it's a second-kill popularity .( In addition, we can't just make it boring, or combine it with the stackoverflow mode to make it popular. ). 3, Furthermore, Reserve Talents To provide a platform to improve the programming quality and skills of beginners, UseCodeRecord your own growth path (Learn about and judge a person through a free two-year or more-year growth route/track. It takes a few months for the trial period to assess and eliminate unsuitable persons, I don't know how much overhead is left for the enterprise) , You can also properly host your project code, such as social programming. When an enterprise has certain permissions, it can directly extract the code. Finally, a series Education and training, online work, community Q & ( Combined with the above stackoverflow . Foreign precedent

Regarding this talent online evaluation platform,Similar interviewstreet already exists abroad:Http:// holding some large programming competitions, we recommend talents to top-level enterprises), andHttp://;There are also many similar websites in China, but most of them are complicated and not specialized.

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