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Windows 8 has been on the market for nearly half a year, and the new Windows Style UI has led to significant differences in Windows systems since the graphical operating interface, and the system settings have changed. As a result, some users may experience problems in their day-to-day use. Huang, Microsoft's most valuable expert, has compiled and answered these questions for us.

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In the previous period of time, I will Win8 in the more prominent characteristics of writing into several articles. But there are a few hot spots, but also many users have asked or attention, and is not suitable for writing an independent article, so here, I will be in the form of questions and answers. Taking into account the user's reading experience, I have divided the article into three pages, in the hope that I can help you with these questions in Win8

1. How to switch the input method?

The concept of language is introduced in Windows 8, and multiple input methods for that language can be added in the same language. The switch between languages is Win (logo key) + space, and the input method of the switch between the shortcut keys is still the previous ctrl+shift. After testing, some of the domestic input method after the installation of the switch can also be achieved by switching the language shortcut keys.

2. I am in a program to switch the input method to the English state, how to another Chinese text editing program, it is still in English state? On the Win7 it will automatically become a Chinese state.

Windows 8 unifies the input method status between each program, so the input method switch is global, and no longer for each application memory. To change the previous mode of remembering different input methods for each application, go to Control Panel-clock, language and region-language-Advanced settings, check "Allow me to set different input method for each application window", save.

3. In the new Start screen and App Store download apps, many of the previous screenshots are no longer working, how do I screenshot?

You can use the Printscreen key (PRTSCN) on your keyboard to intercept the screen and to open the program that accepts the pasted picture, pasting the screenshot from the Clipboard. Of course, there are more one-step in the Win8: Press the WIN+PRTSCN key combination, the screen will blink like a camera, at this time, your screen has automatically generated image files, saved in the user folder under the "My picture-screen capture." (Actual path for example: C:usersshehuayupicturesscreenshots)

4. Windows 8-pre-installed Tablet PC without keyboard, how to screenshot?

You can take a screenshot by pressing the "Win logo key" and "volume-" two buttons at the same time, as the win+ PRTSCN key combination mentioned in the 3rd above.

5. I installed a new video playback program, why by default or through the Metro with the "video" to open?

In fact, any program installed in Win8 with the ability to modify file associations will no longer take effect. This is due to the design of the system. Because in the past, users may be installed by various programs arbitrarily modify the association, resulting in a file at different times by default by different programs open. Now, when the user installs a new program, for the same type of file, the default is to open with the original program, but also in the upper right corner of the screen to show that the user has installed a new application that can be used to open such a file, the right to be associated with the new program returned to the user. If the user wants to modify the file association immediately, you can right-click the file that will be opened and choose Open with-Select default program.

6. How do I add a language pack?

Now, the three versions of Windows 8 (Windows 8,windows 8 Pro and Windows 8 Enterprise Edition) can support the arbitrary switching of multiple languages through a language pack. The way to add a language pack is to open the Control Panel – the clock, language and area-language, add a language that you need a language pack for, and click "Options" on the right side of the system to automatically check the availability of the language pack and prompt you to download it when available.

If you do not want to download the available language through the Windows Update service and you already have a stand-alone local language pack file (, you can execute lpksetup.exe to add the local language pack through the wizard. The wizard can also be used to remove the installed language packs. Note that for some OEM models, the Chinese version of Windows 8 is not supported by other language packs, and the Chinese Traditional language pack in Taiwan is not available because of policy restrictions, and the alternative solution is to use the Traditional Chinese language pack in Hong Kong, whose translation mechanism is the same.

7. How do I make the touch action clearer when I do a demo?

Sometimes you will touch the WIN8 device to connect to the projector to do the demo, if you do not use the mouse, will not have the mouse pointer display, rely on touch operation, the audience is not easy to see your fingers click action, there is no way to let the audience see more clearly? In fact, by default, The click of the finger will display a faint circle on the screen, and we can simply make the circle darker (dark gray) by the system setting to let the viewer see the action of your finger. This setting is located in Control Panel-hardware and sound-pen and touch. Check the bottom "optimize intuitive response for projecting to external monitor" and OK.

8. How do I enable full key mode for the touchscreen keyboard?

Attentive friends may have found that the screen Touch keyboard layout selection in the keyboard always has a layout in a gray state and is not selectable. This layout is a keyboard full of keys.

To enable it, we have to slide the Super button bar from the right side of the screen, select "Settings"-"Change computer Settings"-"General" and find "use standard keyboard layout" on the right to open it. In this way, you can select the Full button layout.

9. How do I boot to the previous "Safe mode"?

There are several ways to go, such as "Change computer Settings"-"General", select the Last "reboot now", but the easiest way to do this is to execute the command SHUTDOWN/R/O, or simply click "Reboot" in the "Power" menu with the mouse while pressing the Shift key.

When you restart the interface, you will see an advanced boot screen with a blue background, select "Troubleshoot"-"Advanced Options"-"Startup Settings", and click "Reboot". After the computer restarts, you will see the familiar F8 boot menu and choose a safe mode corresponding to the number to enter Safe mode.

10. The boot phase of the F8 shortcut to cancel, how can I in the boot phase into the system advanced startup options?

Win8 for faster startup, the F8 key is canceled during startup. So if the boot process is very smooth, but one to the login interface on the blue screen, or in the login interface encountered by the driver conflict, resulting in keyboard failure and other issues such as unable to log on to the system, how can I boot to the advanced startup interface, so that I choose Safe mode to do wrong? Here we have two ways: first, to use a WinRE image of the U disk drive the computer, so that you can get the advanced boot interface, can be based on PE of the row and error; second, in the absence of a U disk, you can trigger the WIN8 automatic repair mechanism, to trigger into the advanced boot interface. The practice is to press the power button long during the boot process until the system shuts down and then boot again. The system triggers the automatic repair process when it detects the last boot failure, and after the repair process (which may last for more than 10 minutes) is over, it is generally possible to enter the blue interface for advanced startup.

11. How to shut down as thoroughly as before?

Win8 uses a fast start/fast shutdown logic that benefits from a new shutdown process-shutting down a user session and hibernating the system session. If you want to shut down the system session, which is the shutdown method taken by previous versions of Windows, you can turn off the quick start in the power options in the Control Panel. Alternatively, a command-line shutdown using SHUTDOWN/S default is a full shutdown. If you want to make a new hybrid shutdown from the command line, you can add the/hybrid parameter. Note that the network Wakeup feature will not be available on a UEFI system that is preloaded with WIN8 when the computer is completely shut down.

12. Why is the WIN8 installation disk based on U disk unable to boot the computer to the installation process?

Because UEFI from the U disk boot, only support the FAT32 format of u disk. If your USB drive is in NTFS format, you will not be able to boot unless the CSM module with the UEFI firmware is enabled to simulate the firmware into BIOS. It is recommended that you use UEFI firmware to install Windows 8 because it supports many of the new features of the WIN8 startup phase, making the startup process faster and more secure. Note that if you use BIOS mode to install Win8 on a Win8 PC, your disk may be required to use the MBR format, and later when the system starts, you will not see the OEM logo, but instead display a cyan Windows flag.

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