Tips for extending printer life

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(a) Machine placement location

1. Place the printer on a smooth plane and close to the computer so that the interface cable is connected.

2. Keep enough space around the printer to make and repair it.

3. Keep the printer away from direct sunlight, overheating, dust, soot, or moisture.

4. Use an electrical outlet with a ground wire, do not use an adapter socket, and prohibit the live Plug and unplug the print cable.

5. Keep the entire computer system away from the electromagnetic source interference.

(ii) Stylus Printer Maintenance

1. The printer must be placed in a smooth, clean, moisture-free, acid-base-resistant working environment, and should be kept away from the heat source, the source and avoid sunlight direct sun shine. The normal temperature range of the needle printer is 10oc~35oc (the variation of temperature will cause a large change of electrical parameters), and the normal humidity range is 30%~80%.

2. To keep clean. Regular use of small brushes or vacuum cleaners cleaning machine dust and paper, at the same time should be regularly clean and lubricate the printer's word car rail (that is, the metal guide under the print head) to ensure that the print head is always in a good running state to avoid the appearance of print dislocation.

3. Do not put other items on the printer, especially metal items such as pins, back to the needle, etc., lest the foreign body into the needle-type printer, resulting in the machine parts or circuit board damage.

4. Pin printer with port, U interface cable to choose quality Assurance products and the best length not more than 2 meters, poor quality cable (cheap) can easily lead to damage to the printer circuit. All kinds of connector plugs can not be charged plug, so as not to burn out the printer and computer interface components, plug must turn off the computer and printer power.

5. The correct use of the Panel on the paper, paper, line, change the page button, as far as possible not to rotate the hand-feed knob. Especially in the boot state, should absolutely prohibit artificially by rotating the paper knob to rotate the printer word roller to avoid the damage of the printer transmission parts. Do not pull paper in the process of printing, if you find paper or word car running difficult, do not forcibly work, lest damage to the circuit and mechanical parts; the position of the printhead should be adjusted according to the thickness of the paper in time, in the general case of printing do not draw paper. Because in the instant paper is likely to scratch the print needle, causing unnecessary losses.

6. You should avoid the use of poor quality paper, in the use of multilayer continuous sheet, to avoid printing at the junction line, so as not to cause the occurrence of broken needles. You should avoid the use of wax paper, because the wax on the stencil will react with the rubber on the print cots, causing the rubber to swell and deform. In addition paraffin will also enter the print needle guide hole, easy to cause broken needle.

7. Should install the Color belt box correctly, check the color belt and the color belt box regularly, if found the ribbonbox too tight or color belt surface raising should be timely replacement of the corresponding model of the origin of high-quality ribbons, or the color belt box too tight will affect the word car moving, the color belt is broken will hang up the print needle.

8. You should avoid printing a single form for a long time, because when you print a table, the printed needle that corresponds to the table line is too overloaded to cause wear or broken pins.

9. In order to ensure the printer and personal safety, stylus printer power supply to use ac220±10%, 50Hz dual-phase three-wire neutral electricity, power cord to have a good grounding device, otherwise in the rack and logic on the ground may have a certain AC voltage. Another good grounding, but also to prevent the accumulation of static electricity and lightning burn print communication mouth and so on.

10. Print different thickness, continuous paper different number of paper, paper thickness adjustment rods should be placed in different locations (see the user Manual of each model).

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