Tips for improving the quality of the needle-punched print-hardware maintenance

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1. Add a blank line before the body of the printed document
The first line of text that is printed with a pin is often distorted, and the text in the same font as other lines appears to be a little shorter than the height. In fact, this is mainly due to the driving of the car belt slack, and the printer in the printing of the first line of text, driving the roll of the motor shaft and roll roller between the gap between the existence of the cause, resulting in the motor shaft rotation, the roll is not synchronized with the same angle of rotation. On the old printer, due to the wear of roll roller. The gap is bigger, so it's more likely to happen. We just need to add a blank line before the text, we can eliminate this gap in the printing text, so as to avoid the above problems. Of course, we can also follow the direction of roll roll to gently rotate the roll roll a small angle, to pre-empt this gap.
2. Set the printer's printing mode to one-way printing
Because one-way printing can effectively eliminate the vacancy of the print head, so that the printer before and after the two-time printing can be accurate in the same transverse position, so that the printed text can effectively avoid dislocation or table vertical phenomenon. The best way is to use the one-way printing function provided by the Yu processing software.
3. Using the printer broken needle exemption software
The print head of the stylus printer will be greatly reduced when it is worn, but usually the middle pin's print pins are worn a bit harder. So we can use some of the relatively small needle, such as 1-8 needle, 17-24 needle to print work, and the other pins into the "broken needle" state, so that the printed font will be very clear. Some printer broken needle exemption software can also provide "imitation laser printing" function, if fully utilized, the printed font will be more beautiful.
4. Good quality ribbon for swapping
High-quality ribbon feel smooth, ink uniformity, not stain, and poor quality color belt is rough, friction big. Reverse printing when the print head and color belt for relative motion, the printing needle is very easy to be rough with the face and so the print head can not be properly in place. At the same time, the color band should not be used too long, after the surface of the lint do not use.
5. Periodically clean the print head and Add instrument oil to guide rod
Print head due to long-term use, so that some oil stains in the print head out of pinhole near, affecting the print head out of the needle, so you should regularly clean the print head. At the same time the print head running rails should also be lubricated. Otherwise, the print head running speed is not keep up, but also caused by text distortion, not aligned with one of the reasons.
6. Adjust the distance between the print head and the volume spoke
It is important to adjust the distance between the print head and the roll roller. Usually the newly purchased printer can adjust the lever position according to the requirement of the specification. When the print needle is worn out, because the print needle is relatively short, you can adjust the bar forward one position so that the distance between the print head and the roll is relatively close. However, it should be noted that the distance between the print head and Roll roller is also not too small, or because of the impact of the printing needle too large, will cause the printing needle to wear too fast or print needle broken needle bending phenomenon, too large also because of the color belt hanging needle caused by broken needle or hang up the phenomenon of ribbons, usually to adopt the new purchase of the Ribbon as a test standard, When the printed handwriting is clear enough, the maximum distance between the print head and the roll roll is the principle.
With the combination of the above several methods, printing out the manuscript will be very beautiful.

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