Tl-h69r/tl-h69es Mobile Set Router broadband dial-up Internet access

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Application Introduction
The Hyfi router is used with the Extender to extend the network to all corners by wire, without having to lay out the net cable to achieve full Wi-Fi coverage, and to achieve the roaming effect. As follows:
This article is to guide the use of mobile phone settings tl-h69r/tl-h69es set to connect broadband Internet access method.
Note: Hyfi routers are typically used with extenders, and the number of extenders is added according to actual needs.
Set steps
1 , line connection
Broadband lines, such as fibre, telephone, and cable, may be connected in a different way, connect the broadband cable (the network cable connecting the computer to the Internet) to the router Wan, as follows:
2 , connect the wireless signal
Mobile phone search and connect the TP-LINK_HYFI_XX signal name, the signal name at the bottom of the router logo, as follows:
This signal is temporarily used to set up the Hyfi router, and the signal disappears when the setting is complete. The following figure:
Note : If the factory default signal is not searched, it may have been set, it is recommended to reset the hyfi Road by the device .
3 , enter the Hyfi Router management interface
After successfully connecting the router's wireless signal, the handset's browser will automatically eject the router's login interface, at this point, you need to set up a 6-bit and above the management of the router's password, set up after the click OK . The following figure:
Note : Please keep this password in mind, the subsequent login Router admin interface needs to log in with this password, if you do not remember, you can only restore factory settings.
4 , set the Internet parameters
Access to the router management interface, the router will automatically detect the Internet, such as the detection of broadband dial-up Internet access , in the corresponding settings box to enter the operator to provide the broadband account number and password, and to determine the correct password entered the account, click Next . The following figure:
If the router detects dynamic IP or fixed-IP internet access, set it up according to the page tip.
Note : 76% users because of the broadband account password error caused no access to the Internet, please carefully check the broadband account password is correct, pay attention to Chinese and English input, letter case, suffix, etc. whether the input integrity.
5 , set Wireless parameters
Set up the corresponding wireless name and wireless password in the 2.4G and 5G wireless network respectively. Wireless name is recommended to use a combination of numbers or letters, do not use Chinese, wireless password recommended set 8~63 digits with the letter combination, click OK . The following figure:
5G wireless name, password can be set to the same as 2.4G wireless, you can also set different. When Setup is complete, the router emits both 2.4G and 5G wireless signals.
6 , add Hyfi extender
Please power the Extender on (plug in the power outlet, one or more). Click next , as shown below:
The router starts scanning the extender, and when the Extender is scanned, click Join and complete the setup. The following figure:
Possible problems: What to do if the Extender is not scanned?
7 , complete the setup
After confirming the wireless parameters, click Finish . The following figure:
At this point, through the mobile phone set tl-h69r/tl-h69es set to complete the Internet. The mobile phone reconnect to the modified wireless signal (at this point the router and the Extender issued a signal name is the same), the connection is successful to the Internet.
If you have other computers need to surf the internet, use the network cable directly to connect the computer to the router or the expansion of the LAN port can access the Internet, if it is a notebook, mobile phone and other wireless terminals, connect the wireless signal on the Internet, do not need to configure the router .
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