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First of all said that the purpose is to be able to save money to buy a hub, we still do a lot of things to do well, of course, if your computer must have a wireless network card, and have their own a wired network cable.

For example, a dormitory has only one network cable, but the dormitory eight people have laptop wireless internet, where you can solve eight people to share a single cable can be online.

Own two laptops (all have wireless network card), but own home and only one network cable how to do? Here can be solved is that a computer connected to the network cable when the host, another computer when the airliner.

The two local I used today are HP nc6400 (later we call it host a), and the other is HP 6515 (Host B), which starts our wireless Connection Sharing Internet.

For wired settings in a, click on the hook on the local connection properties-> advanced-Internet connection share as shown: Then make sure that the local connection is set up

Open wireless connection Properties-"Wireless network configuration-" Preferred Network-"add, here to set is their own wireless network name SSID, this can be casually written as long as you know the wireless name on it, will automatically provide me with the key before the check off, I write a password to do it more secure, In the wireless network configuration-lower right corner advanced-only the computer to the computer's (specific) point on the hook, and then determine.

Then there is the problem with the host AIP settings, as shown in the host IP settings:

B's Wireless card settings in addition to different IP settings, where the IP settings of the aircraft is the most critical, I am here repeatedly frustrated, here to pay special attention to:

IP Address We can set to:, where the xxx refers to 1-255 any word can be

Subnet Mask:

Default gateway: This is to write the wireless IP address of host A, here for

Preferred DNS server: This is the preferred DNS server address for local connections in host A, which I set to: Ipconfig/all can see this address

See host IP with Ipconfig/all:

Here we see the address of the DNS server, where the preferred DNS server in B is written with this address

Ok so our work is done, open two wireless can search to you set up the network name of the wireless, two are connected, connecting the passenger plane B can also be online.

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