[Ue4] Unreal 4 link independent server

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How should I connect to the server if unreal 4 only serves as a client?

The official website does not provide blueprint network functions, which are available in C ++.

1. implement it by yourself and provide interfaces for blueprint use.

2. Third-party plug-ins. Plug-in: https://github.com/feixuwu/UEWebsocket

1. You have installed vs2015 or vs2017 and the c ++ component.

2. create a C ++ project, or create a new C ++ class in the blueprint Project (it will automatically convert the blueprint project to a C ++ project, and it will take several minutes to convert and compile the project, wait patiently)

3. Close the project and copy the Plugins under the plug-in directory to the project root directory.

4. Open the project and prompt to compile the plug-in. Click "yes". You can use the plug-in after compilation.

5. Use the websocket plug-in the blueprint



Git easy to use

1. Install the GIT Tool

2. Right-click the directory to be stored and select "Git Bash here"

Enter git clone https://github.com/feixuwu/uewebsocket.gitin the GIT command line window, and the project file will be downloaded.

You can use clone with HTTPS on the GIT project webpage to obtain the URL after git clone. Of course, you can also click the "Download zip" button on the webpage to download the project ZIP file directly in the browser.


[Ue4] Unreal 4 link independent server

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