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Today this site has to be strongly recommended, is simply too good chatter! Before finishing a lot of shortcut key encyclopedia, the first to see this site on the kneeling well! Not only is the shortcut key speed check, and can search and enlarge the display, the visualization of the display is very interesting, and finally there are shortcuts to the big picture free of charge, super convenient! No, give the writer money. >>>

The interface that comes in is this:

  Select Software

There are Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign three.

Choose a different software, the site background will also change yo. Although all are cc version of, but most and CS 6, CS 5 general.

Select the system, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

The website will automatically display the shortcut keys according to the system you choose.

  Select a region

The site will be slightly changed according to the different regions. The difference is not large, you can skip.

  Select shortcut keys

The mouse clicks Shift, Command/control, or ALT to see the use of each shortcut key. For a chestnut, in Photoshop–win's choice, click Ctrl to see S's shortcut key display save, that is, CTRL + S is the meaning of saving.

If you want to cancel, click once again.

  Search shortcut keys

Too many shortcuts, do not remember how to do? Wood relations, drag down a search bar, searched all out. The search in the map is enlarged, all shortcuts on the "Biubiu" came out.

  Enlarge shortcut keys

That's so sweet! If your screen is too small to see the shortcut key, direct mouse movement to the top of the shortcut, you can see the search bar after the enlarged shortcut keys. User experience gives 32 praise!

Students to personally experience it, site Portal:www.fastprint.co.uk

And so on, the website also provides the free HD wallpaper download of the shortcut key, and the size is super full, off-line also not afraid not to have shortcut key reference. Students need to download it quickly!

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