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First of all thanks to the rain pine Momo a post to teach us how to extract. The game resources in IPA. Teach us the basic method of cracking Unity3d resources
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I'll cover the whole process of extraction from the beginning:

Step One:FirstDownload from https://github.com/ata4/disunity/releasesdisunity v0.3.1
You can also download https://github.com/ata4/disunity/releases/download/v0.3.1/disunity_v0.3.1.zip directly with the tool
I extracted to the D:\disunity_v0.3.1 this path people according to their own needs to choose their own path it
Step Two:ensure that you have installedJava JDK 7
: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk7-downloads-1880260.html
Detect if the installation succeeds in the CMD input java-version can print out the version number description it should be fine. If there is no success here is not detailed introduction to ask the next Niang or Google (although recently some of the Cup with Google), please forgive us.
Step Three:Get the source files that can be cracked first we need the. Unity3d and. boundle Files of Android apk or iOS. IPA or Web game.
Android:First look at the Android apk installation package, put the next good file suffix. apk directly to the. rar extract to a separate folder the path to the files that can be recompiled is in: Unpacked folder \assets\bin\data
IOS:iOS's IPA installation package is also the same principle to convert. IPA to. rar and then unzip to a separate folder the path of the file that can be recompiled is: Unpacked folder \payload\godoflight.app\data (here I use the light of God for example so it's godof Light.app)
page: Let's focus on this .

Let me explain how to extract the resources of Unity3d to do the web game.

First we need to downloadFirefox Browserhttp://www.firefox.com.cn/This is the official website, please download it for yourselves.

Then installFireBugPlugin has
Then search Firebug Find the post-point installation

Once the installation is successful, there will be a bug icon.

The preparation is finished, and below we find a web game developed by Unity3d here we use "Ice Fire destruction God" for example, to the perfect advertising although they will hate me (bad laugh).

Login to the game first, then open the Firebug point [Network], [all] if the current page has unity resources, it will appear in the following list

I'm going to clean this up a bit, because there's a lot of things in there that aren't unity. List of resources files after emptying, I click "Enter the Game" to enter a loading interface list to start loading new resources

There are. Boundle and. Unity3d resources that's what we need. As for the other resources, I was just trying to come up with the estimate of these two useful documents. If not, please join us to study Kazakhstan.

There's a lot of resources here, and then it's the egg. Download because there is no very good bulk download method I am still a one download if you have a good way to share your gratitude.

Copy the link and then I'll use the tool to download it (I use the QQ whirlwind).

to this need to do the preparation basically completed below we begin to decompile.

Step Four:Open itcmdEnterD:\ in step Onedisunity_v0.3.1In the folder

The following is the directory structure in disunity_v0.3.1

Then we can use the command disunity extract the path of the file that needs to be recompiled \*.*.
My anti-compilation file is placed in E:\Downloads\szgPJB (jb51.net) \assets\bin\data this folder with *. * Can be all the files inside the file is not recognized by the anti-compilation of the file is not.

The resources extracted from the. IPA and. apk appear to be only. Assets files can be decompile

The. Boundle and. unity3d files that are downloaded from the Web page can also be put in a folder to decompile them.
Of course a single file would replace * * * with Chengxiang to decompile the file.

The above is the whole process of anti-compilation

The anti-compilation files are placed into the following folders in several categories:
AudioClip is an audio file
Dubemap It's not quite clear that it's like a sticker file.
Font is fonts
Mesh is a model file. obj
Shader is inside is. shader file
Texture2d is a decal file

All right, here we go. There's something wrong and inappropriate. Please criticize this is the longest post I have ever written and please support me.

ask for a reply thank you all.

Here is the above mentioned all the preparatory work needs to use the Software installation package put in the Baidu cloud disk to facilitate everyone to download all the necessary software
Link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1jGJtDB4 Password:


About Anti-compilation of code I'm going to add a little bit of information here. I want to be a porter before I try. Thank you for your contribution to the great God of rain and pine Momo
Attached address:

(Windows) http://www.xuanyusong.com/archives/2664
(Mac OS X) http://www.xuanyusong.com/archives/2675 Anti-compilation tool link (including DLL anti-compilation tool) HTTP://PAN.BAIDU.COM/S/1KTIHPDL

(go) Unity3d How to extract game resources (decompile) + code anti-compilation

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