Unity3d Technology's FBX Export guide

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FBX Export Guide

Unity supports FBX files, which can be generated in many popular three-dimensional applications. Follow these guidelines to help you get the best results.

Choose (SELECT) > Prepare (Prepare) > Check settings (Prepare) > Export (Prepare) > Validate (Prepare) > import (Import) What do you want to export? Learn about export ranges such as grids, cameras, lights, animation bindings, and more-
    • Applications are typically available for exporting selected objects (selected objects) or the entire scene (whole scene)
    • Make sure to export only the objects in the scene you want to use by exporting the selected items or removing unwanted data from the scene.
    • Good working habits often mean keeping all the lights, guides, control devices, etc. in the working file, exporting the selected items (export selected) by exporting presets or customizing the scene Export tool, and exporting the required data.
What content do you want to include? Prepare resources:
    • Grid – Remove Create Records, Nurbs, Nurms, SubDiv surfaces must be converted to polygons, such as triangles or quads.
    • Animation – Select the Right tool, check the frame rate, the length of the animation, and so on.
    • Textures – Make sure the textures originate from the Unity project or are copied to the project's \textures folder.
    • Smooth – Check whether you want to smooth the group and/or smooth the mesh.
How do I include these elements? Check FBX Export Settings
    • Note the settings in the Export dialog box, learn what to export and match the FBX settings in Unity, see 1, 2, 3.
    • You can export nodes, tags, and their transformation parameters.
    • Camera and light are not imported into Unity at this time
Which FBX version do you use? If in doubt, please use 2012.2
    • Autodesk updates the FBX installer regularly, with different software versions or other third-party three-dimensional applications, and the effect will be different.
    • View advanced options > FBX files Format (FBX file formats)
Is it useful? Validate Export
    • Check File size – Carefully check the file size (such as >10kb?). )
    • Re-import FBX into the new scene of the three-dimensional resource bundle used and generate – is this what you want?
    • Import to Unity
    • Check the FBX import settings in the viewer: textures, animations, smoothing, and so on.

View the following example of the Maya FBX dialog box:

Figure 1 General, geometry and animation

Figure 2 Lighting, advanced options

Unity3d Technology's FBX Export guide

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