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To prevent users from accessing the Internet through the Internet shared by the ADSL cat with a route, the current ISP operator such as China Telecom and China Netcom) installs the ADSL cat for users, most of them will no longer give away the Ethernet interface ADSL products with routes. Its attached products are mostly USB interface ADSL cat commonly known as "big cat"), such as common D-Link DSL-200, ittek TD2002, ZTE 852 and so on.

This type of usb adsl modem connects to the USB connection port of the computer through a standard USB cable, and uses ATMAsynchronous Transfer Mode) asynchronous transmission Mode, so that users can connect to the ADSL service provider at home, the download speed is generally up to 8 Mbps, And the upload speed is up to 1025 Kbps.

Usb adsl modem body only RJ-11 and USB two plug-in, RJ-11 is telephone line interface, connection telephone line; USB cable interface, connection USB serial interface line. How can I share the Internet with such products? Many netizens who are new to the Internet do not quite understand it. Let's take a look at it.

I. Key Points of USB cat Installation and Use

First, connect the USB cat to the computer. The connection method is very simple. First, use a random USB cable attached to the MODEM to connect the USB jack of the ADSL Modem and the USB jack of the computer; then, insert the 201711 plug of the telephone line or the plug through the separator) into the 201711 or ADSL interface of the ADSL Modem.

Adsl modem driver

As you know, Ethernet interfaces RJ45 can be used by network devices without the need to install drivers, while USB devices are different. Most of them require manual installation of drivers and dial-up software.

When installing the driver, you must select a driver that is consistent with the communication protocol of the device provided by your Windows operating system and ISP. For example, the ittek TD2002 usb adsl modem provides three drivers for your use:

● Wan driver:

This driver allows the modem to simulate as a dial-up modem. The call is established through a dial-up network. This driver supports connecting RFC 2364 with PVC. It is applicable to Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, and Windows Me.


This driver makes the modem like a LAN or Ethernet device. Online creation is automatically executed. This driver supports RFC 1483 with PVC. PPPoEPPP Over Ethernet is also supported ). It is applicable to Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, and Windows Me.

● ATM Driver:

This driver works with the ATM service provided by Windows. It supports RFC 1577 and RFC 2364. An ATM Driver uses a dial-up network to generate a PVC permanent virtual circuit) or an SVC switched virtual circuit) online to establish an PPPRFC 2364) online. This driver applies to Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, and Windows Me.

The specific installation method of the driver is very simple. We will not detail it here. Let's focus on the selection of the dial-up software.

Usb adsl cat uses the virtual dialing method, PPPoE protocol software, and then uses the traditional dialing method to access the Internet, and the ISP allocates a dynamic IP address. PPPoe (PPP over Ethernet) is a technology used to broadcast PPP frame information in an Ethernet network. It is a technology used for ADSL virtual dial-up Internet access.

Generally, PPPpoint-to-point protocol is connected to the ISP over a telephone line. This protocol provides user authentication and IP address notification functions. In ADSL, PPPoe is used to connect the adsl modem to a home PC or router. After virtual dialing, PPPoe is directly verified by the Verification server. You need to enter the user name and password, after the verification is passed, a high-speed digital line is established and Corresponding Dynamic IP addresses are allocated.

Because PPPoE is used for inbound traffic, it has a lot to do with the PPPoE software you use. Therefore, you need to choose the PPPoE software you use as needed to achieve the best effect.

Currently, the most common PPPoE Software Based on Windows operating systems includes the following products:

● EnterNet500:

Developed by Efficient Networks. It has an independent PPP protocol and can be independent of the operating system. For example, the dial-up network in Windows directly drives the NIC to connect to the ISP, so it is currently the most common and popular PPPoE software.

● PPPoE virtual dialing software in Windows XP

PPPoE protocol is integrated in Windows XP. ADSL and LAN users do not need to install any other PPoE software, using the Windows XP Connection wizard, you can easily create your own ADSL and LAN virtual dial-up Internet files, the actual usage is exactly the same as that of PPPoE in Windows 9x/Me/NT/2 K. It is easier to use because it is more closely integrated with the operating system.

● WinPoET:

Developed by WindRiver, the company is also one of the starters of the PPPoE protocol. It needs to support PPPoE connection through the PPP dial-up protocol of the operating system. It is also the preferred PPPoE software for many ISPs.


It is a free software developed by individuals. It is compact and skillful. It does not have its own interface and connection program. It is just a protocol driver. It relies entirely on the standard "Dial-Up Network" in Windows to work together to connect to the ISP, it is used completely like the old MODEM.

The above software is easy to use, such as the PPPoE virtual dialing software that comes with EnterNet and Windows XP. We have already introduced it many times before, so we will only introduce the installation of WinPoET below.

Before installing WinPoET, you need to install the Windows dial-up network. You can go to the system control panel and install it in the Windows Installer "Add/delete programs. Then run the WinPoET installer. After the installation is complete, WinPoET will also add a virtual iVasion PoET network adapter in the system network to connect the network card to ADSL.

WinPoET will also enable the system to automatically run a background PPPoE program to coordinate the work of the Dialing Network PPP protocol after it is started. This program displays an icon in the system taskbar, if you do not need it, you can disable it to save resources. Of course, you will also lose the ability to use ADSL to access the Internet.

After the installation is complete, a shortcut for the WinPoET virtual dialing tool is generated. WinPoET is easy to use. You only need to run the dial-up tool and enter the user name and password. WinPoET uses the dial-up network of the system for virtual dial-up Internet access. Therefore, all network parameter information after the Internet access is provided by the dial-up network. The user accesses the Internet using the ordinary MODEM completely.

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