Use SharePoint Designer to customize the development of employee logbook system instances!

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An example of using the SharePoint Designer custom development expert library system was introduced yesterday! , today, we continue to introduce the use of SharePoint Designer to customize the development of employee logbook system instances, the main functions include filling daily newspapers, viewing daily newspapers and reviews daily, this is the July of this year, the design and development of an experimental system, only for learning reference. Many people may not know what SharePoint Designer really is. In fact, SharePoint Designer is a design development and management tool that comes with SharePoint, which has been available since SharePoint 2007, but requires a separate download and installation! Introduction to the concept of the tool, please see the explanation of Baidu Encyclopedia:

SharePoint Designer is Microsoft's next Generation Web site Creation tool, which replaces FrontPage, and Microsoft officially provides free downloads with serial numbers.

This SharePoint Designer is the next generation of Web site creation tools that Microsoft has introduced after Frontpage. Microsoft SharePoint Designer provides a more up-to-date authoring tool that helps you build compelling SharePoint sites on the SharePoint platform and quickly build workflow-enabled applications and reporting tools. All of this is done in an IT management environment.

This Microsoft SharePoint Designer includes a number of new features with new video preview features, including new media and a Silverlight content browser Web part. Microsoft has built-in Silverlight capabilities (a tool for creating interactive Web applications) and full-site support for AJAX features, making it easy for business users to add rich multimedia and interactive experiences to their sites. We can use the Silverlight Web Part feature to set up a video display box on a Web page, which is a feature that was not previously available. Enterprises can use this ability to build their own video sites without the need for additional programming. Microsoft SharePoint also has new backup and restore capabilities that make it easier to select components that need to be backed up, saving time and reducing the complexity of the process. The SharePoint Central Administration site has also been redesigned to provide better usability, including a new feature that detects the working conditions of the SharePoint server. Microsoft SharePoint Designer is as simple as a wiki, and while users can use feature-rich Office for editing, HTML is not a convenient markup language to use, and it always needs to be generated through editing tools. Wikis, on the other hand, are easy-to-write language representatives. SharePoint supports Wiki tagging, and what SharePoint sees as a result of editing also gives the operator a good grip on the accuracy of the design. In some ways, SharePoint is even easier to use than many wikis. It also features excellent Excel charting capabilities that allow you to embed real-time Excel charts and data information into SharePoint Web pages, which will monitor all updates by the operator, making the table guaranteed to show the latest data content. SharePoint enables users to preview video and other multimedia resources that are contained in a vault, and to get a certain document content without opening one by one, making browsing easier. The new community features are added. The rise of community applications has prompted software vendors to join the company's internal network to build a Facebook-like community. Microsoft has made a comprehensive promotion of community functionality in SharePoint 2010. User profiles include your colleagues, hobbies, or expertise. Community tagging and rating, making it easier to share content. In addition, SharePoint support lets you visualize your workflow, making it much easier for operators to gain more accurate visibility into the progress of editing work in Microsoft Visio. You can also add more administrator users, and the addition of new administrator users will allow IT staff to better control the allocation of resources on the Web page, thus enabling the server to run more efficiently.        2010 Release OverviewMicrosoft SharePoint Designer 2010 is a WEB and application design program that is used to build and customize Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Microsoft The Web site that is running on SharePoint Server 2010.

with SharePoint Designer 2010, you can create data-rich Web pages, build powerful solutions that support workflows, and design the appearance of your Web site. You can create a wide variety of sites, from small project management team sites to dashboard-driven Enterprise Portal solutions.
SharePoint Designer 2010 provides a unique site authoring experience where you can create SharePoint sites, customize the components that make up your site, and deploy the Web site as a packaged solution around the logic of your business process design site. You don't have to write a single line of code to do all of this work.

2013 Release Overview
SharePoint Designer 2013 is a tool that you can choose to use to quickly develop SharePoint applications. With SharePoint Designer, advanced users and developers can quickly create SharePoint solutions based on business requirements. Advanced users can leverage the building blocks available in SharePoint to compose code-free solutions in an easy-to-use environment, including a variety of common scenarios, from collaboration sites and Web publishing to line-of-business data integration, business intelligence solutions, and people-engaged workflows. In addition, developers can use SharePoint Designer 2013 to quickly start SharePoint development projects!

Why do I want to design and develop an employee logbook system? The initial consideration is based on this starting point:

At present, the staff of the Department of Personal work is sent through the form of e-mail, lack of systematic management and leadership feedback evaluation, in order to improve efficiency, efficient use of SharePoint resources, and for employees to gradually develop a good habit of writing a diary, and support the follow-up statistics and analysis and other departments with the same needs to promote, completely based on the front-end Web technology to build a personal work log system based on SharePoint, can be easily ported to other departments, taking into account the needs of mobile applications, the adoption of mobile-first development strategy, Easy to lead and employees to operate on the mobile side.

The design and development approach is similar to the expert library system. Start by creating two custom SharePoint lists and a document library, such as:

Second, the UI uses HTML5-based Metro-ui,sharepoint's own text editor to be weak, with only the most basic functionality, so the file editor integrates powerful CKEditor, The front-end page interacts with the SharePoint list to continue using the Spservices library, such as:

Finally, you can design and develop related functions, complete the logbook of the full C # code reference:
<! DOCTYPE html>

finally show some effects, such as:

At the same time welcome to pay attention to my number qyxxhqy, not regularly update the forefront of enterprise information technology and applications, welcome to scan attention, QR code as follows:

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Use SharePoint Designer to customize the development of employee logbook system instances!

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