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On Windows 7, Microsoft introduced a program called Windows Mobile center, where the main settings of the notebook computer can be centrally controlled, such as power supply solutions and screen brightness. In Windows 8, this program is retained, but the hot key for calling out is no longer Win + X, because Win + X now calls out the shortcut menu at the hotspot in the lower left corner of the screen. To open the mobile center, press Win + X and click "mobile center (B )". After is opened, we can see the familiar mobile center interface. has a feature that is actually very useful, but it may not be known, because I have not found many friends around me using it. It is called "demo Settings ". click the demo settings icon to set it: you can find that the demo settings exist to make it easy for business people to enable the demo scenario mode with one click. You can think of the demo mode as a special computer scenario, just like the different scenario modes on the mobile phone correspond to system schemes such as ringtones on different occasions. By enabling the demo settings, Windows can automatically disable screensaver for you, set the system volume to a predefined value, and temporarily change the desktop background, in addition, various system notifications and bubble messages that will appear during the period will be blocked. After the demo, you disconnect the projector and disable the demo settings. Then, all temporary settings are restored and you are back to the familiar desktop environment, go back to your familiar personalized settings. since the Windows demo settings are so useful, you may wish to give it a try before the next demonstration. In fact, in some enterprises, there may be some large conferences or demonstration activities, such as regular project demonstrations for research institutions, or some large conferences will use a computer to play a PPT + program demonstration. In these scenarios, you may worry about the time when a prompt will pop up for Windows or an update request, or pop up any other information that may interrupt the meeting. The IT department may use Windows demo settings when preparing these demos to use a public laptop. This is a real user requirement. For some large enterprises, the IT department may want to use automated scripts to meet the needs of these customers, because the demonstration will be used in a public notebook, you may not know how to control these settings. After the IT system is deployed, you may need to use scripts or programs to automatically set the system as required. Well, now there is a problem. How can we automate the activation and closure of some buttons in a mobile center like this? The demo settings in this example are a good example. In fact, the demo settings are implemented through an independent program. The file name of the program execution body is "PresentationSettings.exe", but when you call it under the command line, no help file is displayed, and only a configuration dialog box for demonstration setting is displayed. There is no explanation for reading Microsoft documents. Is there really no way to control whether it is enabled or disabled? I am not quite reconciled, because, if not, why can a button in the mobile center be directly switched to the enabled or disabled status? Observe the command line called by the task manager and find that when the "enable" button is clicked, he calls PresentationSettings.exe, which is also followed by a parameter/start. When the demo setting is disabled, followed by a parameter/stop. Therefore, we can demonstrate how to set command line parameters and descriptions in this mode: the demo execution body presentationsettings.exe starts to demonstrate the command line parameters/start to stop the demo command line parameters/stop to open the UI configuration dialog box without running the parameters, IT can automatically control the opening and closing of the demo settings through scripts without user intervention. Speaking of this, one thing I can talk about is that Windows has developed to this day, and such practical functions cannot be controlled through command lines and scripts, in other words, the command line parameter usage is not supported officially, or the control parameters are limited and the controllable content is less than that of the UI. A function such as demo settings has been implemented through modular applets, so it should provide automated control or programmable and scripted methods. Coincidentally, in addition to the demo settings, there are also settings for the screen extension method, which is also similar to a modular program, but the command line parameter usage is also not provided. This function is also available in the mobile center. Of course, you can also use the Win + P shortcut for screen extension. To facilitate the script work of the IT administrator, the following command line parameters are provided: displayswitch.exe is the external display tool. Only the computer-screen command line parameters/internal Copy command line parameters/clone extension command line parameters/extend only the second-screen command line parameters/external open UI configuration dialog box without parameters to run use scripts to call up the Windows mobile center, please be aware that the execution body of it is ctr.exe and you want to adjust this issue in a later version. For example, you can better integrate a mobile center into the system control panel or provide PowerShell management commands for each module. In fact, we can see that Windows is making some efforts in programming and scriptability management. For example, PowerShell is a good example. I believe it will replace cmd in the near future, the command under cmd is too many, too complex, and the method used is not the same. PowerShell uses unified syntax and specifications to facilitate IT professionals to learn and use them on a daily basis.

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