Use Intel GPA and analyze 3D programs and crawl models

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Background information

Intel's GPA itself is a graphics analysis software and does not have the ability to crawl model resources from a 3D program, but here the author is applied by hook GPA, allowing him to put the captured vertex buffers and index buffers.

Intel GPA 64-bit download link


Intel GPA 32-bit download link


Patch Patches See attachments


Settings and snapping

After installing GPA, start graphics Monitor, browse your 3D app, and choose, here is ce3.6 's SDK demo

If some games or apps crash, you can turn off tracing

After entering the game, you can see the GPA HUD, press CTRL+F1 to display all ui,ctrl+shift+c to capture the current frame

At this point, even after you close the game, you can run the Graphics Frame Analyzer to analyze the Frame that has been captured.  

Alternatively, you can also capture the model data by running the patched program in the attachment.    

Find the Drawing section, select the right Geometry table, you can see this draw call drawing geometry, find the model you want to export, right-click, there will be an additional save Geomegry option

Choose the export format, you can save the information of the geometry, but no uv--

The map used in this DC can also be exported in texture table.

Unfortunately, currently this export function does not export normals and more information. If experienced art itself re-sub-UV and draw the map again.

Use GPA to analyze the game's drawing

GPA another use is to analyze other people's game rendering techniques, and the captured frame is also easy to analyze (saved in the document/GPA_2014_XX)

Like some games that need to be started by the login, you can check the app that automatically detects the launch here. Here's a test with blade and soul "simulator",

Basic debugging function, teaching off 0 0.

Or the landing interface is easier to analyze.

Here you can navigate to the drawing role

This navigates to the draw role with draw call. The next step may be to analyze the next BNS role of the painting, who would have made progress and share some experience to me

Use Intel GPA and analyze 3D programs and crawl models

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