Use Scheduled Tasks in Windows Server 2008 to perform a bat batch file in a timed and graphical tutorial

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This article focuses on the use of scheduled tasks to execute the BAT batch file in Windows Server in a timed way, so that you can perform your own tasks on a timed basis.

First, Windows Server 2008 differs greatly from the other server operating systems and Windows Server 2003, where the name of the scheduled task is "Task Scheduler" not in Control Panel, but in "Administrative Tools".

because the server needs to do some tasks, timed execution, their own program bar, trouble, so the use of bat to replace the operation, a lot of people on the network say every minute to do how to configure, today we will configure.

Open Task Scheduler – click on "Task Scheduler Library" and in the right you will see "Create basic Task" and "Create task" in the action item:

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After clicking "Create Task": fill in the appropriate name and check the necessary conditions

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Select the "Trigger" option, click "New", create the task execution time, is hourly, or each point, you can choose to modify the time, and then determine.

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again to configure the need to perform the "action" is to select the program or BAT file, where the important configuration is to select the bat file, in the "Start from (optional)" Here must fill in the corresponding execution program or BAT file in the directory, or the execution is unsuccessful.

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Once added, the added scheduled tasks appear in the list bar.

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Use Scheduled Tasks in Windows Server 2008 to perform a bat batch file in a timed and graphical tutorial

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