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This to say with WindowsServer2003 build mail server, in fact, nothing to prepare, Microsoft has helped us to do all the preparation, as long as the mouse, you can complete all the necessary operation. What, listen to the heartbeat? Then follow Aaron to build your own mail server with WindowsServer2003.

Because WindowsServer2003 defaults to installing the POP3 and SMTP services we need to build our mail server, we need to install them ourselves. The method is as follows:

1. Place the WindowsServer2003 system CD-ROM into the optical drive, or mount the mirrored file to the virtual CD drive. Click Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel, and in the Add or Remove Programs dialog box, click Add/Remove Windows components.

2. In the Windows Components Wizard, the following actions are required:

① installs the POP3 service.

Select e-Mail Service and double-click to open to see that it includes both the POP3 service and POP3 Service Web management, making sure both items are selected. The following figure:

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② Install the SMTP service.

Select Application server → Internet Information Services (IIS) to find "Smtpservice" in the Internet Information Services (IIS) dialog box to make sure it is already selected. The following figure:

③ Click "Next" to install.

So far, the services we need to build our mail server have been installed.


What is POP3?

POP3, the full name is "Postofficeprotocol-version3", that is, "Post Office Protocol version 3". is a member of the TCP/IP protocol family, defined by RFC1939. This protocol is primarily used to support the use of client remote management of e-mail messages on the server. The POP3 protocol, which provides SSL encryption, is called Pop3s.

The POP protocol supports "offline" mail processing. The process is that the message is sent to the server, and the e-mail client invokes the mail client program to connect to the server and download all unread e-mail messages. This off-line access mode is a storage and forwarding service that delivers mail from the mail server to a personal terminal machine, typically a PC or Mac. Once the message is sent to the PC or Mac, the message on the mail server will be deleted. However, the current POP3 mail server can be "only download mail, server-side does not delete", that is, the improved POP3 protocol. (See Baidu Encyclopedia:

What is SMTP?

SMTP (Simplemailtransferprotocol), a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is a set of rules for sending messages from the source address to the destination to control the way in which the letters are relayed. The SMTP protocol belongs to the TCP/IP protocol family, which helps each computer find the next destination when sending or relaying letters. The server specified by the SMTP protocol, you can send e-mail to the recipient's server, the whole process only a few minutes. The SMTP server is the outgoing mail server that follows the SMTP protocol and is used to send or relay outgoing e-mail messages. (See Baidu Encyclopedia:

Next, we need to configure our mail server.

First, configure the POP3 service.

1. Click "Start" → "admin Tool" → "POP3 Service", open "POP3 Service" window.

2. Create a new domain. Right-click on the native hostname under POP3 service on the left side of the window and select new → field. In the Pop-up Add Field dialog box, enter the host name of the mail server you want to establish, that is, the portion of the mailbox address that follows "@", such as: Click the "OK" button to complete the domain creation. The following figure:

3. Create a new mailbox. On the left side of the window, select the new domain you just created, such as:, right-click, select new → mailbox, and set your own mailbox in the pop-up Add Mailbox dialog box. Such as: The mailbox name is Aaron, the password is Aaron. Click "OK" button to complete. If you need to create multiple mailboxes under this domain, repeat the operation. This mailbox is created. The following figure:

Second, configure the SMTP service.

1. Select "Start" → "Administrative Tools" → "Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager".

2. Select Default SMTP virtual server on the left side of the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager window, right-click, and select Properties.

3. In the Properties dialog box, in the General tab, set the IP address to the IP address of this mail server. You can also set the maximum number of connections and logging, and we keep the default. Then click "OK" to complete the configuration. The following figure:

So far, we have used WindowsServer2003 to build a Simple mail server, the following task is to use the mail client tools such as Outlook to connect.

The method for configuring client tools such as Outlook is as follows: Aaron only demonstrates with the WindowsServer2003 outlookexpress, and the other client tool configuration methods are similar.

1. Open outlookexpress and add a new account. The following figure:

2. In "E-mail address" to fill in the previous set of e-mail address, such as: The following figure:

3. In the "E-mail Server" settings, "Receive mail server" and "Send mail server" are filled in the mail server IP address, such as: The following figure:

4. Enter the username and password that you previously set in "Internet Mail Landing". Aaron, for example, sets the username and password as "Aaron". In addition, "Use Secure Password Authentication login" must be selected, otherwise the connection will be an error. The following figure:

5. Next, click "Finish", you can use the new mail server to send and receive mail.

If your friends and you are in the same LAN, you can use this method to build a Simple mail server to share information with everyone.

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