Using a mobile phone to access the Internet without using GPRS-friends who cannot reimburse their mobile phone fees can also use their mobile phones to access the Internet!

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SinceDopod586I have spent a lot of time researching smartphones.586. Smart phones are indeed different. From the very beginning, they have no idea about smart phones. Now, they can install software on their own, add phone ringtones, modify, create mobile phone themes, and even unlock the security lock on their mobile phones, changing the mobile phone Registry is also an entry for smartphones. In my opinion40If you are younger than the age of years old, you can use smart phones to experience the infinite pleasure of smart phones.

Many functions of smart machines are built on the Internet. A8 Music, online TV, MSN Messenger , IE And so on. However, because of the limited funds, the Unit and the home also have broadband, the APP has not been applied for a mobile phone. GPRS Internet services (mobile Internet access fees in Shanghai are expensive ). I always feel that all these functions of the mobile phone are wasted. I accidentally saw a post on the Forum inspired me. After experiment, I found that GPRS If you have a computer, you can connect to the computer through a mobile phone (you can use a data cable or Bluetooth). You can also use the computer's network cable to access the Internet. In this way, many friends no longer need to compete with their families for the only computer in their homes. They can also use their monthly-paid computers to connect to their mobile phones for Internet access. In particular, mobile phones can be moved within a certain range through Bluetooth connections. For example, you can lie in bed, on the living room sofa, in the company meeting room, or even on the toilet, so it makes a lot of sense.

The following describes the specific setting method in detail (Dopod)586For example, other mobile phones can use the internet function.

First, to ensure "security", you can use a device that has applied to China Mobile for cancellation.GPRSSet the business mobile phone, or set the mobile phone to "flight mode" (myDopodThis function is used to disable the communication function of the mobile phone so that the mobile phone is in a non-network state. Other mobile phones do not know if this function is available ). This ensures that the phone does not passGPRSInternet access.

Next, set the mobile phone:
Step 1: start --- Set --- Data Connection: Set Internet Connection, work connection, WAP Connection and security WAP The connection is changed to automatic, and then in "options": my desktop machine is connected Internet .

Step 2: Open the mobile phoneIEBrowser, select menu---Option---Connect, select "automatically detect devices", and select NetworkInternet.

Now, the mobile phone settings are complete.

Finally, set the computer connection synchronization software. I used Microsoft ActiveSync, unknown Other mobile phones use this software, but I think it should be similar.

after connecting to the mobile phone, open" connection settings "and connect the computer to (t) set to Internet . Next, you can open your phone ie . Check if you can access the Internet! After my configuration, most websites should be accessible, GPRS fee, you don't have to pay any extra fees!

to add one point: if you are connected to a computer in the organization, perform the following steps: connect my desktop to Internet changed to: My Desktop connection unit (in "Data Connection", open 1. edit connection --- 3. proxy server connection. Generally, as long as the mobile phone is connected to the computer, the content is automatically set ).

Of course, if you use Bluetooth to connect to your computer, you need to buy a Bluetooth adapter (about 40 or 50 yuan). This is worth the money compared to the feeling that your mobile phone does not spend money on accessing the Internet.

Finally, paste a few images so that you can better understand the settings mentioned above:


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