Using the XPS Viewer for Windows 7 to take care of XPS documents

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Windows7 Super System stability and the most dazzling operation of the page is the main reason people love it, but many details on the ingenuity is easy to be overlooked. So perhaps you have a Windows7 of the XPS Viewer's function, the use of the lack of understanding, today's small series for you to introduce the XPS Viewer.

The XPS document is any saved to the XML Paper specification or. A file in XPS format. Although you can use any of the programs that can be used in Windows to print, create an XPS document (. XPS file), but you can only use the XPS viewer to view the XPS document. If you have Microsoft. NET Framework 3.0, the Viewer will work with IE browser.

When you open an XPS document, the viewer automatically opens the document in the IE window, and there are two additional toolbars, one above the XPS document and one under the XPS document. Each toolbar provides options for viewing and managing the XPS Document. Include: Save a copy of an XPS document to your computer, find a word or phrase in a read-only XPS Document, or navigate to a specific page by typing a page number or navigating forward or backward through a document page, zooming in or out to make text and pictures easier to read; Screen The last time you view one or more pages, digitally sign an XPS document, and apply document permissions to determine who is accessing the document and when it is accessed.

So how do you know if your Win7 computer has the. NET Framework 3.0? (The XPS Viewer is shipped with the Net Framework 3.0)

Click the Start button and Control Panel in turn, click Programs, and under Programs and features, click Turn on or off Windows features (if you are prompted for an administrator password or confirm, type the password or provide confirmation). Look for the. NET Framework 3.0 in the list of pop-up features. If the feature is listed, double-click the appropriate folder to view its contents. Finally, in the. NET Framework 3.0 folder, make sure that the XPS Viewer check box is selected, and then click OK.

After you make sure that your computer has an XPS viewer, you can use it to view, search for XPS documents, and set up licensing and digitally signed programs for XPS documents. With the continuous updating of the XPS Viewer, small knitting believe that one day it will become Windows7 have to mention a major feature tool, its user-friendly search function and personalized viewing interface will definitely make people refreshing!

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