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WPS is very familiar with the Office software, in the work almost every day to use it. Before the advent of Microsoft's Windows system, when the DOS system prevailed, WPS Office software was the most popular word processing software in China.

WPS Office Software

WPS Office software has three shortcuts on the desktop, is the WPS text, WPS table and WPS demo, double-click the mouse can open the appropriate program, when the desktop icon is not, you have to start the menu of a large list of programs to start WPS, have you ever tried, Can you start WPS without a mouse?

Just borrow Windows shortcut keys can easily start WPS: Press the WIN+R key, input: WPS, et or WPP (as shown), determine, you can quickly start the corresponding WPS text, WPS table or WPS demo. How do you do that? This is because WPS adds the specific path of each component program under the [Hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionapp Paths] key in the registry.

One-click Start wps

The first method is how to quickly start the WPS software when the desktop does not have an icon. There is also a way, can be a key to start WPS software, the method is simple, but the effect is very good!

Right-click the WPS text on the desktop (ET and WPP methods are the same), on the shortcut menu that pops up, click Properties, select the Shortcuts tab in the Properties dialog box, and enter a key as the shortcut key in the text box corresponding to the shortcut key, and click OK to set the end.

Later, we need to start WPS text, just one point to press the F4 key, easy to open the WPS text.

Note that 1, this "one-click Start" Need to have WPS corresponding shortcuts exist; 2, recommend the use of F1~F12.

Power-on start WPS

When using WPS and the use of instant messaging software, when the boot will be used, WPS can also be easily done, so that the beginning of your office to become more relaxed.

Click the Start button, turn to all program options, double-click the startup option, and open the Startup folder. Copy the WPS Word (ET and WPP) shortcuts on the desktop to the Startup folder.

Each time you turn on your computer, the WPS text software will automatically open. If you do not want the WPS text to start automatically, just remove the WPS text shortcuts in the Startup folder.

The above described the normal opening method of WPS, and three kinds of use Windows shortcut key Fast Start WPS program method, can not say which is the best use, can only say which is more suitable for you, only for their own is the best. You, did you find it?

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