Vagaa, why can't we search?

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1. If your computer does not install VAGAA program, you can search by Baidu, or  software assistant, Baidu software assistant. Search Vagaa Click to download the following image:

2. Go to the installation Vagaa interface and install the software. Follow the prompts for installation note the installation process is recommended to be slower, and other software recommended for installation should not be checked. Figure below

3. After installation, the network settings appear, reminding you to choose the situation of the network, according to their actual situation to choose. In fact, this place is chosen for VAGAA convenience to set up your software port and upload download speed. It doesn't matter if you choose the wrong number.

Vagaa Setup Tips

Basic settings

---turn off "allow fun users to browse my share"

This feature is typically open to other users (when you search for a category of keywords) and access to view your shared directory resources.

---. Tick "Keep the original download status after startup"

This will help you open the Vagaa next time. Continue downloading tasks (recommended)

Download Settings

---the default download directory, select a infrequently used. And the area where the partition free space is relatively large (often downloads need to occupy relatively large space.) Like movies or something.

---speed limit, the default is 0 unlimited. According to their actual situation settings, download is generally 5 times times the upload (as shown below) such as 2M bandwidth is generally 256kb/s, mainly upload to limit (also can not set too low, or affect the download OH) after all, you are sharing, you provide the upload is to others "accelerate"

---disk settings. Recommended cache settings A little bigger, like me this is pulled to the maximum. can also set automatic adjustment, as for the download task, it is recommended not to set too much

Vagaa Wow Search Tips

1. Keywords must be accurate, follow certain principles

For example, if you are searching for jobs ' documentation, you should enter "Jobs" Steve Paul jobs If you search for our own definition of "amid master" then your search results may be empty, or really amid the main dragon eight. The picture below is the case.

2. Keywords should be compact conditions to add according to the situation

For example, if you want to search for Linux-related materials, if you search for Linux video that name may be very few, some Linux video tutorials may be just a field named Linux, such as the first chapter of Linux?

3. Keyword Diversification

For example, you want to search Windows-related information, you in addition to search windows, in fact, Windows is a Microsoft product, then you search for Microsoft, you can certainly find some windows related resources.

4. Relevance, multi-lingual

Similarly, if you are searching for a video resource related to Tokyo, Japan, you can search for Japan, or Japan, or you can search Tokyo for Japanese resources.

Other Search Tips

What do I do if the search tip is "Too short for keywords"? For example, you want to search the PDF document class, you search for PDF, will prompt the keyword is too short to search element. Then you can enter PDF PDF Input 2 times, notice the space in the middle. In that case, he can actually search.

In addition to the keyword accuracy of the search above, relevance. You can also view the resources you might need, such as your search for Linux, by using the "Fun User" feature. Then you find the same resources of users, he should also have such resources. You might want to find the information you need.

After searching for a keyword, the right side has a "fun user" Click to enter, click Install a plugin can

--The keyword files that are usually matched to you will turn blue.

There is also a little trick you search for keywords. Vagaa will prompt for a keyword of relevance, or the line is exactly what you want. But you didn't think of the keyword.

Download the skills, select resources to download the time to choose resources, and the full number of large resources to download. Click on the menu above to sort

Vagaa can't find resources?

If the search is not a resource, check your VAGAA first, wow is not the status of the Internet?

If the network is OK, does not show a result? Then it's definitely your keyword. Replace a keyword

If the keyword is normal, such as if you search HD as long as the movie, there will be this keyword. Then you need to check the below to see if the port is blocked. Locate the settings---Network settings-change the port to the port after recommendation 1024. Then click Update Server List "important" and try again.

Will pop up to update the progress bar. After the update, search in the return search box. See if the miracle happened.

How Vagaa can't search

Method: Open the Vagaa software, open the Vagaa installation folder-"DATA" folder-open "AWF" file with Notepad, delete the contents inside, save-turn off Vagaa, reopen, you should be able to search. But if you re-download the update or plugin, it will be rewritten, can only repeat the above steps

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