Visual Studio 2013 and Intel SDK for OpenCL 6.1 environment setup

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I. OPENCL installation, setup and use

1. What is OpenCL?

OpenCL (Universal Open Computing Language, open Computing language) is the first open, free standard for common purpose parallel programming for heterogeneous systems and a unified programming environment for software developers for high-performance computing servers, desktop computing systems, Handheld devices write efficient and lightweight code, and widely used in multi-core processor (CPU), graphics processor (GPU), cell type architecture, and digital signal processor (DSP) and other parallel processors, in the game, entertainment, research, medical and other fields have broad prospects for development. OpenCL is a framework for programming a heterogeneous platform that can be made up of CPU,GPU or other types of processors. OpenCL consists of a language (based on C99) that is used to write kernels (functions running on an OPENCL device) and a set of APIs for defining and controlling the platform. OpenCL provides a parallel computer system based on task segmentation and data segmentation. OpenCL is similar to two other open industry-standard OpenGL and OpenAL, which are used for three-dimensional graphics and computer audio, respectively, for the two standard. OpenCL extends the ability of the GPU to be used outside of graphics generation. OpenCL is run by Khronos Group, a nonprofit technology organization. In addition, OpenCL is a cross-platform standard and not a cross-platform tool, so each vendor is required to provide a standard-compliant SDK, such as AMD, Intel, and Nvidia, with their own SDK.

2. Intel SDK for OpenCL installation [1]

Next installs the OpenCL Drivers (driver) and Intel SDK for OPENCL Applications (Development Kit) [4]. Basically, choose the path, then next, until finish.

3. Set up Visual Studio 2013

It should be explained that Visual Studio 2013 has been directly set up "Additional Include directory", "Additional Library Directory", "Additional dependencies", we create a direct new OpenCL project. Create a new, empty OpenCL as follows:

4. An example

[5] Learning how to operate and program, the best references are the official manuals, and the same learning of OpenCL is no exception.

Reference documents:

[1] Under Windows OpenCL Environment configuration:
[2] Starting from scratch Learning OpenCL development:
[3] khronos:
[4] Intel SDK for OpenCL applications:

[5] Code Samples:

Visual Studio 2013 and Intel SDK for OpenCL 6.1 environment setup

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