VMware turns on DHCP and NAT services (VMware is not able to solve problems with NAT Internet access and communication with host hosts)

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Recently in learning Hadoop, start making a cluster. Since the IP address of each node needs to remain constant, I decided to use NAT mode networking in VMware.

However, when installing the Ubuntu system, I was prompted that the DHCP service was not turned on.

Your Network is a probably not using the DHCP protocol. Alternatively, the DHCP server may be slow or some network hardware are not working properly.

As a novice, only know the difference between bridging and NAT, do not know what the DHCP. But "words too literally", since the DHCP service is not turned on, I went to the Windows Services list to find VMware's related services, and really found a vmware DHCP and VMware NAT services.

All right, open them up. As a result, another problem arises, saying that the system cannot find the specified file.

This is a good solution, open the service properties, and look at the path to the executable file:

found that the path does not find the EXE file for this service. This may be due to a VMware installation error or if VMware has been reinstalled, the path has changed (for specific reasons).

The reason is found, and the solution is to modify the executable path of the service in the registry:

(The method of modifying the service executable path can also be viewed here: https://jingyan.baidu.com/article/5d368d1ef577d43f61c05740.html)

1 The location of the registry was found: Hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\services\

2 Locate the corresponding service and then modify the ImagePath for the real service EXE path

PS: The principles and differences of the bridge mode, Nat mode, hostonly mode of VMware can be seen in this course, which is quite clear.


VMware turns on DHCP and NAT services (VMware is not able to solve problems with NAT Internet access and communication with host hosts)

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