VULTR VPS Installation Windows system tutorial

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In Europe and the United States VPS Installation Windows system, the main purpose is:

    • Foreign trade business personnel, remote operation to obtain a foreign IP for the brush, usually Amazon Amazon business in the United States;
    • Install software tools supported by Windows System. Foreign Windows VPS Host expensive, after all, foreign protection Copyright, Windows VPS contains the licensing fees to Microsoft. So, choose Linux VPS cheap, self-installing pirated windows system, save money cool crooked.
    • There are also a few webmasters that install a Windows Server production environment for deploying Web sites or Enterprise services.

You need to register your account with vultr for free and buy a VPS server. I recommend Debian 8 system, at least 1G memory host, of course 2G Best, Windows graphics window system compared to eat memory. Recommended vultr West American engine room, or Japanese computer room, the mainland access speed fast. Foreign trade people certainly choose Europe and America engine room! Enjoy the United States IP, no longer afraid of e-commerce brushes to chop a single!

Vultr a new user with a credit card, you can enjoy a $10 discount and a two month free VPS. Small white users want to install Windows on a Linux VPS easily. There is a one-click installation package for the great God. The step is simple: first purchase a 2G-memory VPS in vultr to select the Debian 8 version of the system. Then use the SSH tool to connect to your VPS, enter the one-click Install command to return, and automatically deploy the Windows system. The Vultr VPS test is perfect.

Wget-no–check–certificate–qo ' ' && chmod a+x

SSH disconnection situation, do not worry, in the vultr background panel select VNC Remote view server running status. After the installation is successful, you can use the Remote Desktop tool that comes with your Windows PC to connect to your VPS. Enter the VPS server IP address, user name administrator initial password vicer

It should be noted that some VPS merchants prohibit the installation of pirated windows, there is a risk of account closure. In addition to online piracy Windows ISO Image package is a mixed bag, many built-in Trojan virus, once installed such version, your VPS will be reduced to broiler. Therefore, it is recommended that your Windows VPS install anti-virus software, the overall antivirus once, and then long-term use.

Vultr VPS also has a wealth of features, including a one-click Installation SS agent, at home to watch YouTube 4K not Leighton.

VULTR VPS Installation Windows system tutorial

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