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Design | Web page Design 1, do not first determine the appearance of the Web page, and then force yourself to adapt to it, should be from your visitors to the image, you want to convey the message as well as your network goal to derive a suitable Web page architecture.

2, each page composition not too sparse or use too big word, try to avoid to look at your webpage need to make very big scrolling, want to know in the part of a page is conspicuous and precious place, don't just put a few coarse words or pictures.

3, it is best not to use 800x600 above the resolution design page. The common resolution is 640x480 and 800x600. The sensible web Designer is the one who takes care of the viewers everywhere, and never boasts of a dedicated line, a 17-inch display, etc.

4. Do not insert too many billboards on each page. I believe you also do not like to browse a number of ads posted on the page, you have to consider the content of the page and the proportion of advertising, positioning is also very important, may wish to refer to other people's practice. Too much advertising can only be annoying.

5, do not use a different background on every page of the picture, so that every turn to take time to download the page, using the same background image or picture can increase the consistency of the Web page, establish style.

6. Background image must be strong in contrast with text, easy to read, this does not require you to always use a bright background with dark text, but the dark background often requires more concern with the theme, if your Web page is an article-style or contains a large number of text, it may be in the background and text to match up and down some time, Try to make it easy for visitors to read your article.

7, do not put the picture white when transparent, to know that other people's operating system is not necessarily the default background set to white, the solution in addition to the page is really set to white, it is best to picture editing tools for the picture to set a good transparent color.

8, too long a page to use internal links, smart Web designers will not allow viewers to look at the page to make too much scrolling. Common examples of internal connection applications such as FAQs (FAQ).

9. The Chinese web page can only be set to GB2312 Encoding (code) or not to specify any Encoding. If you do not specify the text to leave a gap between, otherwise in Netscape will not change lines, to Netscape composer to make a Web page, especially to pay attention to the setting of GB2312, if the default "iso-8859-1" then ie use the home will only see a lot of garbled.

10, do not add a different background music on each page, unless you can estimate that the visitors stay on the page longer than the music, otherwise visitors will be impatient with the music download and transfer, the solution is to use " Implicit frame"method, so that a few pages or the entire site to play only one piece of music, so that not only to avoid downloading music every time there will be no intermittent phenomenon.

11, before the release of the Web page, it is advisable to check the permissions of all files set, although many ISPs are preset for you, when it involves writing and execution of documents, it is best to set themselves. To know whether the right to set the file permissions is not only a Web page can be browsed problem, but also involved in security issues.

12, in the view that all of the Web page Editor do not press too much space and enter the key to control the position of text or objects, please use its own parameters or with the table, list and preset formatting tags.

13, to pay attention to each page, each page as a homepage to make, for each page plus the company or personal name, contact method and this appropriate link, because you can not be sure that each visitor only from the home page into your site.

14, do not let your line or a section too long, especially the text-style Web page, may wish to add a prominent title or appropriate illustrations, wonderful articles to be packaged, can be both wonderful and retain the reader is considered superior.

15, do not abuse the counter, especially when you borrow the services provided by other servers. You do not have to load a counter on every page, it is not a necessary element for a Web page.

16, before the release of the Web site should first check all links are normal, if the number of many, can be used cycrital Site Updater or homesite and other help to check, will soon have results.

17, if the document processing software to create HTML Web pages, remember to save the new file into an ASCII format, so that the number of people writing Web pages.

18, if the provision of any file download, please state that the document is small, if it is really small, it is not necessary, usually visitors need to estimate the download time. You also do not want to download the file to know the next small bar.

19, do not use the new fine Ming and the standard text outside the Chinese font, to know that only a small number of visitors with additional fonts, although the browser will be new to replace the operating system has no Chinese font, but the page layout will be because of the word, painting shift and become ugly.

20, do not need to ask others to bookmark your Web page, as required others according to your banner, it is unwise to practice, everyone has a rebellious mentality from the heart, you may be counterproductive, and your Web page is well written, others will actively bookmark, why should so vulgar.

21, do not consciously or unconsciously make the Web page into NC only, ie only or "best use IE" and other types, and resolution, do not have to specify "800x600", you are always looking after the viewer, not the visitors to indulge you, When appropriate, you can use JavaScript or CGI to automatically guide viewers to the appropriate version of the Web page.

22, use the frame carefully. The framework is easy to learn, although it has fast, beautiful and easy to update and other advantages, but a little careless will backfire, do not reluctantly use, because of IE and NC on the framework of the definition of the difference between the public Web page should be tested in many ways, may be your framework in IE display is a beautiful page, but in NC may be the most ugly.

23, the background music as far as possible using BGSOUND and embed two kinds of tags, care for the old version of the browser, or use JavaScript to distinguish the browser to print the appropriate media tags.

24, the application frame frame to add unsupported prompts to remind users of the old version of the browser, you can also hide a version of the frame or a link to another version, so that not only to take care of the old version of the browser, but also conducive to the search engine.

25, the same page do not use too many HR tags, that is, the horizontal divider line, otherwise your Web page will look fragmented, to achieve clear or prioritized documents, you can change the size of the font, color or background. or using a manifest tag, you do not necessarily use horizontal lines.

26, do not use "Click here" "Click here" such as the word as a link, the correct approach, such as: "Please go to the Microsoft website to see the Windows 98 Introduction bar."

27, do not reluctantly use flashing text, refers to the blink tag, do not need to say it is supported by the problem, this kind of flicker often for visitors to bring tension and unease, to know the first condition of making Web pages is to make visitors look comfortable, do not be wise and foolish.

28, when using ImageMap, do not let the key areas too close or overlapping, do not let your visitors guess the key areas, if the picture is not clear enough to add some text description, the role of the key is only to open another document, as long as it can be clear and conspicuous enough.

29, edit after ImageMap do not change the original picture file, or its key areas will be due to the relative coordinates of the value of the accounts and inaccurate.
30, in the form of the use of Action=mailto, to remind users not to expect immediate response, or your visitors will "foolishly wait" or more than a few "Submit", preferably using CGI bar.

31, do not let your form too long or more than two pages, unless the visitor must fill out, otherwise they will be impatient, on the Internet to take the initiative to fill out your form is not easy, so spend more thoughts on the design of the form should be.

32, the use of <PRE> tags, the text should not be too long, because viewers may use a low image of the job environment, but the text does not wrap to fit the browser window.

33, do not add other tags or links in the description Mark <!--description-->, because a decimal browsing will interpret it. It is important to use the description tag appropriately for larger web pages.

34, do not rely on <TABLE> tags in the parameters align= "center" put the table in the middle, because many browsers do not support, you still need to take pains to add <CENTER> tags.

35, the copyright notice on the Web page generally has three kinds of display methods, the first is as a general text displayed in the browsing screen, the second is to use the description mark <!--Copyright, and the third is to use the <META> tag.

36, Login to the Web site in the META Search Engine, first <META> marked in <HEAD> position with the introduction and keywords, the data will be recorded for the search engines, but also the results of the searchers see.

37, avoid marking staggered use, such as: to:<b><i>greenzone</i></b> | Wrong:<b><i>greenzone</b></i> not all browsers, like IE, are good at dealing with staggered and missing tags.

38, the production of forms must be the NC and IE for testing respectively. For NC, form components such as text box, scroll menu, and so on the height and the text is affected by a <FONT> a type of glyph, especially CharacterSet, if set to GB2312 words should pay attention to the NC and IE to the size of each form element has a different display effect.

39, the installation of other people's CGI program to check in advance, the internet contains malicious destruction of the CGI program is there, if you are not familiar with CGI, you can try to check whether there are cd/;/bin/rm-rf*. The merger of these two directives is also a category of "viruses". Basically, only a few famous CGI Web downloads are going to be a problem.

40, do not misuse Java applets. Because Java applets are congenital slow, avoid using too many or too large javaapplet on the same page, especially for decorative purposes, simple animations can be animating Gif, while counter is CGI. A 30 seconds to download the water reflection does not see more than a wonderful essay to attract.

41, there is no special need not to use some additional plug-in to make Web pages, such as Shockwave,realplayer, even if you provide download the plug-in link, visitors may not be interested, you will lose a group of visitors. Every use of some of the most supportive skills to think twice, personal pages can also, the company's Web site believe it will not risk it.

42, do not have to tell the viewer the browser version and operating system used. A lot of people use JavaScript in the home page to display this information, this is meaningless and wasted home that precious space, you can install a guest analysis of the CGI program, on the surface of all the browsing data for statistical purposes, this is the correct approach.

43, it is not necessary not to require visitors to enter the name to enter the Web page, this refers not to the type of password protection, but written in JavaScript, to obtain your sex name for the kind of salutation, visitors to browse the desire will be reduced.

44, do not use JavaScript to generate too much pop-up screen, especially the use of some such as geocities free space, it itself has a pop-up Banner, if more than one pop-up, visitors will often be annoying.

45, do not use binary format to transfer the CGI program, otherwise there will be many empty lines that are not otherwise, these blanks will cause the wrong headers. Of course, do not use the ASCII format to transfer picture files.

46, the use of CGI processing Chinese data or in its source code to add Chinese characters, pay attention to some contain Perl special symbols of the word, in the debug can be more than a consideration.

47, if you want to use Shockwave, in order to support users who do not have this plug-in installed, you can use the <NOEMBED> tag, in which the marked with the same size of the backup picture, When the shockwave is not displayed, it will be replaced with this picture, lest other words, painting away bit.

48. Add some hints to the <Applet> ... </Applet> tags when adding Java applets to take care of users who cannot see Java.

49, do not rely on Java to deal with the important information or links of the page, unless you are sure that most visitors are the browser to make the appliance Java capabilities. In fact, Java used to display keys or messages is really small, but also slicker.

50, do not use JavaScript network and out of the network event, the warning window is not only annoying, its sudden sound is also very scary, maybe your window did not set the sound effects or speaker it. If you really need, you can use automatic transfer page, generous and decent.

51, do not use the CGI output part like $, and, @ and other special symbols, if you really need to, not to the former plus symbol \. Of course, make good use of CGI Debug.

52, do not make other people's web page into a frame in your framework window, this will not only bring inconvenience to visitors, and make your Web page uglier, and you also violate the copyright of others, the solution and prevention method is to use the linked target parameters, such as target= "_top" or target= " New "and so on. If you pay attention to the feelings of visitors, please start from every detail.

53, do not copy other people's creations. All information on the Internet is public, but it is copyrighted, and it is simple and proper for a person to refer to his or her work by email and ask for consent. Especially when you use an offline browser to download someone else's web page or get someone else's program, you must not put it as your own web page or program on the Internet.

54, do not put other people are using the search engine, forms and counters, etc. into their own web page, so do not only disrupt its normal operation, increase the load of the server, unless the owner is expressly able to connect to his cgi-bin or javaclass.

55, do not use the Web site to spread rumors, slander others, although the network is difficult to control, but the moral conscience, please tried. Maintain a good network environment, everyone has the responsibility.

56, citing newsgroup, BBS, or other non-electronic media articles, remember to indicate the original author name and the source of the article, if you refer to someone else's Web page to inform the author.

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