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No sound on the computer? This topic has been heard in my ear countless times, handling the fault is also from the previous groping solution to now can quickly find the reason. But for novice friends may not know where to start, for why the computer will not sound, also give a countermeasure, today's computer Pepsi Network editor around this issue, to give novice students to do a detailed introduction.

The computer does not sound the reason is nothing but 2, computer hardware problems and software problems. Hardware problems are the main sound card is bad, or output sound interface damage, and so on, the general sound card hardware is very little, the author is very much to encounter is due to hardware problems caused by no sound, software problems are more common cause the computer does not sound. So how to judge whether it is a hardware problem or a software problem/come down and we'll explain it in detail.

General handling of computer problems we are the first software after the hardware. If your computer has no sound, try the following solutions, which can generally be solved.

One: If the computer does not sound, please first check the computer desktop right hand taskbar whether there is a sound control icon, the following figure:

Computer Desktop sound icon

As shown above, if there is this icon to indicate that the sound card installed on the computer is no problem, and then use the left mouse button to click the Sound control icon, there will be a sound volume adjustment switch control window, to see if the volume is adjusted to the minimum, is not a check to the mute, Used to help a lot of novice friends to deal with the computer no sound when many are either the sound to the lowest, or the check to mute, resulting in the computer no sound, this is the novice friends often make a low-level error.

If the computer desktop can not find the above volume control icon, may be the driver problem, drive the problem to see below know how to refuse, some did not show up, let it show the way as follows:

If there is no "small horn" on the right of the taskbar, enter the start---settings-control Panel-sound and Audio Devices command, open the sound and Audio Device Properties dialog box, as shown in the following figure:

As shown above, put √ after the point to determine the desktop right hand task bar will have a sound icon, and then check, the volume is adjusted and whether the point of mute, Hugh after the computer generally have a sound.

You can also click the Sound tab in this dialog box, click one of the program events (such as a program error) in the Program events field, select a sound type, and then see whether the Preview button on the right is black. If black, the sound card is normal, the reason for the failure may be the system volume is too small, or set mute, or speaker failure.

Other reasons: If there is no sound card option in the Device Manager window, and the sound card is an integrated sound card, then reboot the computer and enter the BIOS program. Then check that the peripheral device options in the BIOS are set to "Disabled" and, if so, change it to "Enable". If this setting i "Enable", it may be the motherboard sound circuit damage, repair sound card circuit. Can only be taken to repair.

Second: The computer does not sound please first check your speakers or headphones whether there is a problem, whether the speaker or headset audio cable and computer connections good, the interface is plugged in.

Previously found that a friend using a speaker or a headset because the audio line and computer connection caused no sound, this is also very low-level error, no signal connected to the speaker how can there be sound?? Some are directly connected to the computer's microphone interface, see all feel funny, computer interface that there is an audio interface there is a microphone, we must see, there are icons, it is obvious, completely rookie do not understand can ask people around and look at the instructions than anything else is strong, If the computer has a voice and there is no sound now check if the headset or speakers are damaged, you can take a good try.

Also note that the General desktop computer machine will have 2 pairs of audio interface, distributed in front of the chassis and behind, so if the front of the interface is useless to try the back of the socket. Because some computer installer may forget to connect the front of the host to the socket signal line to the motherboard. This author also encountered a lot of this situation.

Third: Check the computer sound card driver is installed normal

Often encountered in the computer system after the reinstall caused the computer does not sound, this situation is most of the computer sound card driver is not installed or incompatible caused by the solution is to find a computer card corresponding to the driver installation can be. How do I find out if the computer's sound card driver is not installed properly? We can get into my computer---right---Select---properties--hardware--Device Manager is as follows:

My Computer's properties

Click on the Device Manager to enter the following computer hardware driver view, as shown below.

Normal sound card driver installation Interface

If the picture above is a sound card installation drive normal screenshot, sound card driver installation problem screenshot is such, sound card device has a yellow exclamation mark! as follows:

The sound card driver is not normal and displays an exclamation point

If the sound card driver has an exclamation point, indicating that the current system hardware driver does not meet the driver of the computer, the solution can be to change the system, of course, this does not need to find a computer card model, direct Baidu to find the driver installation can, how to view their computer's sound card hardware model? method has and more, Here are some simple ways to do this:

Method One: Start-run-Input: DxDiag command-Make sure you can open the Direct X Hardware Diagnostics tool and then select the sound to see the sound card model. The following figure:

Direct x Diagnostics Tool

View the sound card model can also be detected using the Master software.

Know the sound card model, directly in the Baidu search input sound card model driver download, generally can be found, download after installation can, installation method here a brief introduction.

Click the yellow exclamation point shown in the picture above, click the Reinstall Driver---Choose to install from the list---Choose the path to download the sound card--it's OK to install it all the way back. Novice friends recommend using the following method, download a "Driver Wizard" software, in the software to operate directly installed very convenient. Drive Wizard Download Address: http://www.drivergenius.com/(General sound card is integrated). Such software has a lot of, such as  Butler and other software can be, the operation is very simple and suitable for novice friends to use. There is no more introduction here.

Other reasons (generally infrequent)

If the sound card is not an integrated sound card, then open the chassis and check to see if the sound card is properly installed. If not installed properly, after reinstalling, the power-on test can be, if the sound card has been installed, then remove the sound card, and then clean the motherboard sound card slot and the dust on top of the sound card (especially to check the gold fingers are moldy, etc.), clean, and then reinstall, the general fault can eliminate the computer no sound. At present, most of the computers we use are integrated sound cards.

Another reason is that the computer card is damaged, computer audio output interface damage, and so on, these generally rarely occur, if you encounter, you can only take to professional computer repair shop testing and maintenance, the above is the computer network editor based on their own years of experience for everyone to write the solution of the computer does not sound common problems and solutions, Due to the haste of writing time, if there is improper place, welcome to add and comment.

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