What are the win8 ways to connect to the Internet?

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Commonly used Internet connection methods are dial-up connection, LAN connection, VPN, and including wireless Internet access and other means. In fact, Win8 is also the same, possibly through PPPoE broadband access, wireless network access and VPN access to the Internet. Now let's look at some of the common ways to connect to the Internet.

One, the PPPoE broadband connection (wired connection)

1, PPPoE broadband It is also the way we use the most is to connect the computer directly to the modem (cat), through dial-up Internet to connect the Internet to establish a network.

2, first "set up a new connection or network", find the network and Sharing Center, click on the "Change Network Settings" button can be set up a connection. Select "Connect to the Internet---set up a new connection" as shown in the following illustration:

3, and then recreate the connection to the Internet and create a new connection as shown in the following illustration:

4, pop-up win8 new connection of several ways, choose PPPoE Way to connect the Internet. Choose the way you connect, as shown in the following figure:

5, now set up your ISP information, your broadband account password corresponding to the input in the user name and password above. Connect the name at will, as long as you know what the meaning on the line, and then allow others to use this connection in front of the hook up, click the "Connect" button so that your network has been established. The prerequisite is that the system detects that your network card and other hardware devices are operating normally. As shown in the following illustration:

If you want to set up an automatic dial-up connection, you can refer to: The full course of the automatic broadband connection networking method

Second, wireless network connection

Wireless network connection Now more and more people, the use of wireless network only need a wireless card to connect the Internet. So look at the specific operation of WIN8 wireless network connection, first in your desktop right tray to find your bad network icon, the flight mode off, found in Wi-Fi private wireless network SSID (wireless network broadcast name), as shown in the figure:

Then enter the network security key on the Pop-up Network dialog box, where you can connect to the wireless network. As shown in the figure:

Third, there is a way to access the Internet through the establishment of VPN, in fact, the way to connect the internet via VPN and PPPoE connection method is similar, is also a new VPN environment into the Internet connection.

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