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Now almost all of us are using ADSL to connect to the Internet. Many people who use ADSL internet access can not open the page, download interrupted, or online video, audio streaming interrupted. However, when carefully check the status of ADSL modem, you will find that dial-up login has been successful, the line is also no problem? Let's analyze the reason for ADSL off line.

Line problem

First make sure the wiring is connected correctly. Telephone line after the door to connect the junction box, and then to the separation of voice separator, a line to go phone, a gleam of the modem (separator on the callout). At the same time ensure that the quality of the line communication is not disturbed, not connected to other devices will cause line interference. And check the junction box and Crystal Head has no bad contact and whether with other wire string around. It is best to use the standard telephone line, PC Connect ADSL modem with twisted line. The line is one of the important factors of the quality of the image Internet.

Nic problem

Network cards are generally PCI network card or onboard network card, choose to choose when the quality is better, otherwise it may cause poor quality of the Internet. 10M or 10m/100m adaptive nic is available. In addition, many machines share the Internet, the use of dual network cards, which is also caused by conflict is also worth attention, at this time, should pull up the LAN or other computer network card, only to connect ADSL network card to test, if the failure back to normal, and then check the two network card has no conflict.

Improper selection of dial-up software or mixed-load problem

ADSL access to the Internet in the way there are virtual dial-up and private line access two kinds, now individual users of the ADSL is mostly virtual dialing. and PPPoE (point-to-point Protocol over Ethernet Ethernet Point-to-Point Protocol) virtual dial-up software has its own advantages and disadvantages. After a variety of different operating system testing, if the operating system is Windows XP, it is recommended to use its own PPPoE dial-up software, the phenomenon of less stop, the stability is also relatively improved. If you are using Windows Me or 9x, you can use the following kinds of virtual dial-up software--enternet, WinPoET, Raspppoe. Among them, Enternet is now a more commonly used section, Enternet 300 for Windows 9x; Enternet 500 applies to Windows 2000/XP. When you have a problem with a PPPoE dial-up software, you may want to uninstall this software and swap with a different PPPoE dial-up software, please be careful not to work with multiple PPPoE software, so as not to cause conflict. Because the telephone line is the main way of broadband access, so you must set up a virtual channel, if several dial-up software mix can cause conflicts, resulting in network and its instability.

ADSL modem or network card Setup problem

Modem generally has 2 modes of operation, one is the normal mode of using dial-up software, one is the routing mode of automatic dialing. In normal mode, you do not need to set up your modem, use the default. While the routing mode needs to be set up, modem with its own flash memory, you can set the account, Password box to save, the power-on automatic dialing. The most common method of this approach is to set the IP address of the ADSL modem incorrectly or to set up a DNS server incorrectly. Because of ADSL virtual dial-up users, is not required to set the IP address, automatic allocation can be. TCP/IP gateways generally do not need to be set. However, setting up DNS must be set correctly and DNS addresses can be obtained from the local telecommunications department. In addition, TCP/IP settings are most likely to cause the inability to browse the Web page, generally set to automatically obtain the IP address, but DNS must be filled out. Other defaults can be used to sync abnormal problems of ADSL modem

Check your phone line and ADSL connection is not good contact, or the phone line appears to be a problem, the quality of the phone is particularly easy to cause off the line, but this problem is not good to check, so be sure to use better quality telephone lines. If you suspect that the separator is bad or the ADSL modem is bad, try not to use the separator and directly connect the outside of the ADSL modem. The connection between the separator and the ADSL modem should not be too long, otherwise it cannot be synchronized. Eliminate the above situation, as long as the ADSL modem can solve the synchronization problem.

Operating system problems

Some operating systems may have compatibility issues with ADSL-related components, so you can go to Microsoft to upgrade the system or repair the system. There are conditions to be able to reload.

Firewall (virus) settings are not correct

While ADSL is less likely to be attacked by hackers and viruses, it does not rule out the possibility, especially web viruses and worms. If the virus destroys the ADSL-related components, there will be a cut-off phenomenon. If you can determine the damage and attack by the virus, but also occurs when the cut-off phenomenon should check the installed firewall, the sharing of Internet Proxy Server software, Internet acceleration software, etc., stop running this kind of software, then the Internet test, see whether the speed back to normal. If the internet is not stable, you can try to turn off the firewall first, test the stability or not, in the appropriate settings.

In addition, there are many factors that cause network instability, such as signal interference, software conflict. Mobile phone This kind of radiation big things must not be placed next to the ADSL modem, because every few minutes the phone will automatically find the network, when the powerful electromagnetic interference enough to cause ADSL modem flow. If the software is in conflict, try to find the conflict software, uninstall it or other methods to resolve it.

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