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Tell everyone that Windows Home Server and the Windows Server family are completely two concepts, with (WHS) Windows Home Server you can store music, photos, and other files to a central hard disk like a hub. You can access them from all the computers in your home. Protect your files and your pc--with automated backup and simplified stored procedures you can also use Internet connections to access files on your computer from any location through secure Web Access. Installation and use are simple, and Windows home Server helps you and your family connect with each other, connecting your different PCs, and protecting your data.

Windows Home Server FAQ

What is Windows home Server?

Windows home Server helps families with multiple computers easily connect to their digital experience, store, access, share, and automatically protect your precious digital pictures, music, videos, and personal documents in a reliable and familiar way.

Which vendors make hardware for Windows home Server?

Later in 2007, many manufacturers will provide Windows Home server server products, which is a complete hardware and software solution.

What is the difference between Windows home Server and existing products on the market?

Windows Home Server is an All-in-one solution that provides backup and restore, centrally extended storage, and remote access to the family computer's capabilities. It's never just an extra memory. Unlike other home storage, backup, or remote access tools, Windows home Server offers an unprecedented and easy way to use. In addition, as a development platform, Windows home Server provides partners with a great opportunity to innovate for the needs of the digital family. This means that there are rich applications and tools that can be integrated into it using the Windows home Server platform.

Is it difficult to install?

No. The Windows Home Server console allows you to easily install and configure the Windows Homes Server from any computer in your house. You just plug in the power, connect the Windows Home Server server to the broadband router, and then install the Windows Home Server connection software on a single CD to the computer that you want to automatically back up every night.

How do I access my files when I'm not at home?

All you need to do is access your Windows Home server servers and the computers in your house via a personalized Windows Live Internet address, which is selected by you. This means that you simply log on to your home site and you can access your photos, music, and videos from any location. Windows Home Server not only allows you to upload and download files stored in your home server, but also allows you to use your computer remotely, just as you would sit in front of them.

Is it easy to control the permissions of others to access specific files and folders?

Yes. With the Windows Home Server console, you can define users and set permissions easily for shared folders on a family server. You can also define which users can access your server remotely.

When can these products be bought? How to buy?

Windows Home Server is placed in a variety of hardware products for sale through retail channels. The first product is scheduled for release in the second half of 2007. will be available in English, German, French and Spanish. The Chinese market is not suitable for this product.

How much does a Windows home server server product sell?

Original equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) will individually determine the final pricing of their products based on storage capabilities and scalability. There will be more information to share in the future.

I already have a router and a home LAN, why do I need a home server?

Windows Home Server frees up the power of your current network-it allows you to store, share, protect your photos, videos, and music. It also allows you to remotely access your home computer from any location.

Where does Windows home Server compare to network-attached storage (network attached Storage, NAS) products?

Windows Home Server has been designed to address the problems of families with multiple computers, with unprecedented simplicity for family users.

Not just storage! Windows Home Server exclusively provides predefined shared folders, such as "music" and "photos," making it easy to organize and find files. Windows Home Server also features simple extended storage capabilities and built-in search capabilities (preinstalled Windows Desktop Search).

You can easily add a built-in or external hard drive to your Windows home Server device. The storage capacity that you can use depends on the size of your hard disk. You no longer need to worry when you add a hard drive D:, E:, F:, G:, H: ... Out.

Also, when you use a Windows home Server device with more than two hard drives, you can choose to copy the folder. When a folder has the Copy feature enabled, it can help you prevent loss of photos, music, or other material when a hard drive fails.

In addition, as a development platform, Windows home Server gives partners considerable room for innovative applications for digital family development. Windows Home Server will be able to have rich add-ons to extend functionality.

What's the difference between Windows Home Server and Windows XP Media Center and Windows Vista Family Premium Edition?

Windows Home Server works with your Windows PC. Windows XP Media Center and Windows Vista Home Advanced editions are designed to run on personal computers, providing the ability to access and manage media content, such as TV shows, music, and pictures. Windows Home Server is designed to make it easier and more automated to manage a family network with Windows XP computers and Windows Vista computers, a storage center that can be accessed remotely and provides the ability to automatically back up computers in your home.

How do independent software vendors (ISVs) work with Windows home Server?

As a software platform, Windows home Server provides a great deal of space for software partners to develop innovative products that meet the needs of digital families. Microsoft wants to see a large number of third-party applications, such as virus and malware protection, media sharing, home security, and automation.
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