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The Internet domain name is the name of a server or network system on an Internet network, and there is no duplicate domain name in the world. The form of a domain name is made up of several English letters and numbers, by "." Divided into several parts, such as ibm.com is a domain name. From the social science point of view, domain name has become an integral part of Internet culture. From the business sector, the domain name has been known as the "Enterprise's online trademark." No enterprise does not value its own product identification-trademarks, and the importance of domain names and its value, has been recognized by enterprises all over the world.

Field name (domain name)
An entry in an Internet address, such as a Microsoft.com entry in a hypothetical U.S address www.example.microsoft.com.

A string of easily memorized characters corresponding to an Internet Protocol (IP) address, consisting of several 26 Latin letters from A to Z and 10 Arabic numerals of 1 to 0 and "one", "." The symbols are composed and arranged according to a certain level and logic. There are also some countries in the development of other language domain names, such as Chinese domain names. Domain name is not only easy to remember, and even if the IP address changes in the case, by changing the translation of the corresponding relationship, the domain name can still remain unchanged.

The network is based on TCP/IP protocol for communication and connectivity, each host has a unique identity fixed IP address, to distinguish between thousands of users and computers on the network. When the network distinguishes all connected networks and hosts, it adopts a unique, universal address format, in which each network and host network connected is assigned a unique address. In order to ensure the uniqueness of the IP address of each computer on the network, the user must apply to a specific institution for registration, which assigns the IP address according to the network size of the user unit and the recent development plan. The address scheme in the network is divided into two sets: the IP address system and the domain name address system. These two sets of address systems are actually one by one corresponding relationships. The IP address is represented by a binary number, each IP address is 32 bits long, consisting of 4 numbers less than 256, with a dot interval between the digits, for example, represents an IP address. Because the IP address is a digital ID, it is difficult to remember and write when it is used, so a symbolic address scheme is developed on the basis of IP address to replace the digital IP address. Each symbolic address corresponds to a specific IP address, so the resources on the network are much easier to access. This is the character-type address corresponding to the digital IP address on the network, which is called the domain name.

Visible domain names are the name of the Internet unit, is a computer to board the network of units in the address of the net. If a company wants to set up its own home page on the Web, it must obtain a domain name, which is also composed of several parts, including numbers and letters. For example, www.bianceng.cn is the domain name for the programming portal, through which people can find the details they need on the network. Domain name is an important sign on the network of Internet units and individuals, which plays a role in identifying and retrieving information resources of an enterprise, organization or individual, so as to better realize resource sharing on the network. In addition to the recognition function, in the virtual environment, the domain name can also play the role of guidance, publicity, representative and so on.

Domain names can be divided into different levels, including top-level domain names, two-level domain names. Top-level domain names are divided into two categories: first, the state's top domain name (national Top-lenel Domainnames, referred to as Ntlds), currently more than 200 countries in accordance with the ISO3166 country code assigned the top-level domain name, such as China is CN, the United States is us, JP, Japan, etc. Second, the International top-level domain name (national Top-lenel Domain-names, referred to as ITDS), for example, business enterprises. Com, which represents the network provider's. NET, represents a non-profit organization. org, and so on. At present, most of the domain name disputes occur in the top-level domain of COM, because most companies go online to profit. To strengthen domain name management, resolve the tension of domain name resources, Internet associations, Internet access agencies and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WEPO) and other international organizations after extensive consultation, In the original three international universal top-level domain name: (com.net.org) on the basis of the new addition of 7 international generic top-level domain name: Firm (corporate), store (sales Company or Enterprise), the Web (highlighting the WWW activity units), arts (highlighting the culture, entertainment units), Rec (the unit that highlights recreational activities), info (unit providing information Service), nom (individual), and select New registration institution to accept Domain name registration application worldwide.
such as Www.ttsd.biz.tm Country: TM, Turkmenistan, Category: Biz, business

Level two domain name refers to the domain name under the top-level domain name, in the international top-level domain name, it refers to the domain name registrant's online names, such as Ibm,yahoo,microsoft, etc. in the country's top-level domain name, it is the symbol of the registered enterprise category, such as Com,edu,gov,net.

China's international Internet Network Information Center (Inter NIC) officially registered and running the top-level domain name is cn, which is also our country's first class domain name. Under the top-level domain name, our country's level two domain name divides into the category domain name and the administrative area name two kinds. A total of 6 categories of domain names include AC for scientific research institutions, COM for commercial and financial enterprises, EDU for educational institutions, gov for government, net for Internet Information centres and operations centers, and org for nonprofit organizations. and the administrative area name has 34, corresponding to our country each province, the autonomous region and the municipality. The level three domain name uses the letter (A~z,a~z, the case and so on), the numeral (0~9) and the connection character (-) to compose, the level domain name is connected with the real point (.), the level three domain name cannot exceed 20 characters in length. If there is no special reason, the applicant's English name (or abbreviation) or Hanyu Pinyin name (or abbreviation) should be used as the three domain name to maintain the clarity and simplicity of the domain name.

The registration of domain name follows the first registration principle, and the management agency does not conduct any substantive review on whether the domain name proposed by the applicant violates the rights of the third party. At the same time, the registration of each domain name is unique and cannot be duplicated. Therefore, in the network, domain name is a relatively limited resources, its value will be with the increase of registered enterprises and gradually for people's attention.

Since the domain name is a valuable resource, can it become the object of intellectual property protection? We believe that in the new economic environment, the business significance of domain name is far greater than its technical significance, as an important means for enterprises to participate in the international market competition under the new science and technology conditions, it not only represents the unique position of the enterprise in the network, but also the comprehensive embodiment of the product, service scope, image and goodwill of the enterprise. is a part of the intangible assets of the enterprise. At the same time, domain name is also a kind of intellectual achievement, it is a commercial mark with literal meaning, similar to trademark, firm, embody quite creativity. In the concept of domain name selection process, the need for certain creative Labor, make representative of their company's domain name concise and attractive, in order to make the public familiar with its visit, so as to expand the visibility of enterprises to promote business development. It can be said that the domain name is not a simple identification symbol, but corporate goodwill and recognition of the condensation, the use of domain names for the enterprise has a rich connotation, far from simple "logo" can be exhausted. Therefore, at present, whether academia or the actual department, most tend to regard the domain name as an enterprise intellectual Property object. Moreover, worldwide, while national legislation has not yet protected the domain name as a proprietary right, the International Domain name Coordination System is developed through the World Intellectual Property Organization, which is enough to show that the domain name is already part of intellectual property.

Of course, relative to the traditional intellectual property field, domain name is a new object, has its own characteristics, for example, the use of domain names is global, there is no traditional strict regional restrictions, from the point of view of time, the domain name can be used for permanent use, and do not need to renew regularly; domain name domain names are absolutely unique on the web. , once registered, no other person may register, use the same domain name, so its exclusivity is also absolute; In addition, the domain name is not registered by the statutory body should not be used, which is different from the traditional patents, trademarks and other objects, and so on. Even so, the domain name as the object of intellectual property is also scientific and feasible, in practice for the protection of enterprises in the network related legitimate rights and interests is beneficial and harmless.

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