What is WF series? [Use WF to implement the signing business process]

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What is WF series? [Use WF to implement the signing business process]

OnWhat is WF series? [build a data logic layer based on WF and WCF]
The article mentions that WF is not a product for enterprise business process applications,


But why do I use WF to develop enterprise business process applications? This is because WF features a current process, and the most complex business process application is a process, it is appropriate to use a process-oriented development platform to develop enterprise business process applications.


However, WF is not specifically applied to enterprise business processes, although WF has a good visual process designer (in fact, many friends who want to engage in Enterprise Business Process application development decide to learn WF only when they see the WF process designer ), however, WF does not provide basic business modules such as the organizational structure, user permission system, and Business Process status management for Enterprise Business Process development, therefore, using WF to develop enterprise business process applications requires a lot of basic work to be done.

I have a series (Design a business process platform based on WFThis series will not cover the basic work required for developing enterprise business process applications.


This article uses a common [signing] Application to explain the basic idea of building an Enterprise Business Process application with WF.

In this example, the following functions are implemented:

  • A group of business-related activities
  • A wf host that provides the WCF Service
  • Persistence, so that the previous process can continue after the WF host restarts
  • A WPF client that communicates through WCF
  • WF status table
  • Note: This example does not provide a demonstration of the organizational structure and user permission system.


Download this example:





First, let's take a look at the Business Process scenarios to be implemented in this article.

: Sign


Business Description


Architecture in this example








WF Process


Effect description


Start two processes



Processing Business


View results





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