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Ruby is a powerful object-oriented scripting language that allows you to easily and quickly perform object-oriented programming. sometimes using formal object-oriented languages such as Smalltalk, Eiffel, and C ++ to develop small projects seems a little complicated. Ruby can meet these object-oriented programming needs. of course, you can also use Ruby for general process-oriented programming.

Ruby has a strong text processing capability, which is different from Perl. At the same time, Ruby has simple syntax, Exception Processing, iterator and other structures, making programming simple and clear.

In short, you can easily and quickly perform object-oriented development like using Perl. How? Try it!

Ruby is a free software developed by songbenhong.

Ruby expertise
Simple syntax
Common object-oriented functions (class, method call, etc)
Special object-oriented functions (Mixin, special methods, etc)
Operator overload
Error Handling
Iterator and Closure
Garbage Collection
Dynamic Loading (depending on the system architecture)
High portability. Not only can it run on most Unix systems, but also on DOS, windows, Mac, BEOs, and other platforms.
By webmaster [at] ruby-lang.org
Translation of Xianyi network software (Beijing)
Ruby is "an explanatory scripting language for rapid and easy object-oriented programming"; what does this mean?

Explanatory scripting language:

Ability to call the system directly

Powerful string operations and Regular Expressions

Quick feedback in development

Quick and easy:

Variable declaration not required

No variable type

Simple and solid syntax

Automatic Memory Management

Object-Oriented Programming

Everything is an object

Class, inheritance, method, and so on

Single-state method

Integration of modules

Iterator and closure (closures)


Multi-precision Integer

Exception Handling Mode

Dynamic Loading


If you are not familiar with the above concepts, continue reading them. The rumor of Ruby is "quick and easy ".

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