What should I do if I change the cell phone tiles perfectly? How can I change the cell phone tiles?

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It is your bad mobile phone, and then the mobile phone data line and computer, and then the perfect flash brush tool installed on the computer.



1. Start the software and confirm to save the bricks. Double-click the software icon to start the software. When the cell phone is changed to a brick, the software does not respond significantly.



2. Click the "change brick repair" button at the top of the page to display the mobile phone brand currently supported by the software. Click the "Samsung" button, find "Samsung I9100" in the Samsung Series mobile phone icon displayed on the page and click it. Then, a dialog box pops up asking if you want to save bricks on your mobile phone. Then, select "OK".




Note: If the driver is installed on the mobile phone, the software will automatically install it on the mobile phone. Follow the prompts on the page. This process requires disconnecting the phone from the computer. After the driver is installed, the software will prompt you to connect to the mobile phone device again.


3. Manually enter the repair mode. Click "OK" and the software immediately prompts you to manually enter the repair mode. Different mobile phones have different methods for entering the repair mode. Please follow the prompts of the software.



Samsung models:


Make sure your phone is shut down. Press the volume key, power key, and Home key at the same time, and press the Home key. After the "Warning" screen shown in the following figure appears, press the volume button to enter the repair mode.



HTC model:


Confirm that the phone is shut down, hold down the volume key and power key for 3 seconds, go to Hboot, press the volume button or press the down key to select the blue "Fastboot", and press the power key to confirm, the boot mode is entered!



Sony models:


After the phone is turned off, press and hold down the volume key on the right of the phone to maintain this posture. The other hand uses a data cable to connect to Sony's mobile phone and computer. The green light is displayed in the upper left corner. Release both hands to enter the strong brush mode!



Google models:


Make sure your phone is shut down. Press and hold the volume up key, down key, and power button for 3 seconds to enter! After the FASTBOOT mode is enabled, the mobile phone displays a picture of android robots falling to the ground



Special reminder-after Samsung mobile phone enters the repair mode, the software prompts you to select the mobile phone version. Please select the text displayed on the screen based on the text displayed on the current mobile phone after entering the "warning" interface, the mobile phone screen displays simplified Chinese characters. Select "China Travel Edition" to display text other than Simplified Chinese, such as traditional Chinese and English. Select "International Edition ".


Select the version and click "OK ".



4. The software saves bricks by itself. After the operation is completed, the perfect flash brush software begins to save bricks by itself. This process may take 15-20 minutes or longer. The duration depends on the network speed, the software running page clearly shows the brick saving process without any additional operations. Just wait patiently.


5. After the bricks are saved, as the tool bar is slowly being repaired, the "repair successful" page appears. Click "finish" and wait until the mobile phone restarts automatically.


This article describes how to solve the problem of changing bricks from a flash to an Android smartphone. If you have not provided a detailed description of the problem, you can find related methods on the Internet, however, you can still use the perfect flash to solve the problem by modifying the tool.

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