What should I do if the tplink router can access the Internet through a wired connection and cannot connect to the wireless connection?

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After the vro is set, all the terminals connected to the vro can access the internet normally. The terminals connected to the wireless network cannot access the Internet, but the wireless network connection on the wireless terminal is connected.
If the wireless terminal cannot connect to the wireless signal of the router, click to reference:

Troubleshoot as follows:

Possible causes: Although the wireless network connection on the wireless terminal is shown to have been connected, it is actually not connected to the router.

Solution: It is recommended to delete the wireless configuration file on the wireless terminal and try again to search for and connect the wireless signal of the router. To delete the wireless configuration file, please

Possible causes: The IP address and other network parameters configured on the wireless terminal are incorrect.

Solution: Set the network parameters of the wireless terminal to automatic acquisition. If you do not know how to set the wireless terminal to automatically obtain the IP address,

If the computer has automatically obtained the IP address but the obtained IP address is 169.254.x.xWireless connectionDisable and then enable it.

Note:If the DHCP server is in Disable  Status. You must manually configure the correct IP address, subnet mask, Gateway, and DNS information for your computer.

Possible causes: Parental control and Internet access control are enabled on the vro (some vrouters are set for the firewall), which limits the Internet access permissions of the intranet terminal.

Solution: Disable parental control and Internet access control. The setting method is as follows:
1 Disable parental control

Log on to the vro management page and clickParental control, SelectDisable, ClickSave. As shown in the following figure:

2 Disable Internet access control

On the vro management page, clickInternet access control >Rule ManagementAre you sure you do not selectEnable internet access control, ClickSave. As shown in the following figure:

After completing this operation, you can try to open the web page to test the Internet access.

Possible causes: Long distances or obstacles may lead to weak wireless signals or serious wireless interference, which may lead to abnormal wireless terminal access.
Solution: Wireless terminals and routers can be placed close to each other to avoid obstacles. Wireless routers and Internet terminal devices should be kept away from wireless interference devices, such as microwave ovens, cordless phones, and wireless mouse.

If there are many other wireless routers, you can try to modify the channel of the wireless router. To change the channel, log on to the management interface of the router and clickWireless Settings >Basic settings, SetChannel Fixed, clickSave You can..We recommend that you use channels 1, 6, and 11, as shown in the following figure:

Possible causes: Improper browser settings.

Solution: Check the browser settings. The check method is as follows:

Disable dial-up connection: Open IE and clickTools>InternetOption, SelectConnection >Never make a dial-up connection.

Disable network proxy: Click Tools> Internet Option, Select Connection> LAN settings, Make sure that none of the three options are selected, and click OK. Return to the previous Internet Options dialog box and click OK.

After setting, try to access the Internet in the browser.

Possible causes: Terminal problems, such as terminal system problems.
Solution: Try to replace other wireless terminals for comparative testing. If other wireless terminals can access the Internet, it may be a problem with this wireless terminal (you can connect to another wireless router to access the Internet for confirmation ), if other wireless terminals cannot access the internet, try resetting the vro.
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