When you install the MSI file, the Windows Installer Service cannot be started.

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Windows Installer error Solution

[Original] Windows Installer error Solution
Windows Installer error Solution
Windows Installer (Windows Installation Service) is a common software release method. Currently, many software programs use Windows Installer as their own installation programs. Sometimes, due to various reasons and defects of Windows Installer, windows Installer errors may occur.

Symptom 1: After a program is deleted, a window "Windows Installer is being configured in windows, please wait" will always pop up when some software is running.
1. reinstall Windows Installer. the root directory of the Office XP installation disk contains two files named instmsi.exeand instmsi1_exe. instmsi.exe is used for Win9x/me, and instmsiw.exe is used for Win2000/XP;
2. Enable Group Policy → Computer Configuration → manage template → Windows Components → Windows Installer → Disable Windows Installer. In this way, many software can be installed. This method is used for Win2000/XP.
3. Please refer to the "end-to-end solutions" at the end of this article"

Symptom 2: When installing the software in Win2000/XP, the system prompts "unable to access the Windows Installer. In the service, the Windows Installer status is stopped and cannot be started"
1. Enter misiexec/regserver at the command prompt.
2. Start Windows Installer in "Administrative Tools"> "services"

Symptom 3: "Windows Installer Service cannot be accessed..." is prompted when Win2000/XP is installed ......"
1. Check whether the current user has administrator permissions;
2. Install ikernel.exe later;
3. Delete all files in the system installation directory program files/common files/InstallShield/engine and then install them.
4. First, Run "msiexec/unregserver" to stop the Windows Installer Service;
Install instmsiw.exe (which is located in the root directory of the Office XP installation disk or can be downloaded from the Internet:
Http://download.microsoft.com/download/WinfowsInstaller/Install/2.0/NT45/EN-US/InstMsiW.exe), with WinRAR decompress to the Set Directory; enter the directory, right-click MSI. inf, select "Install", right click mspatcha. inf, select installation;
Finally, Run "msiexec/regserver" to enable the Service.

Symptom 4: when installing the software, the system administrator is prompted to set a system policy to prohibit this installation"
1. Try to solve problem 3;
2. Enable Group Policy → user configuration → manage template → Windows Components → install services in Windows → disable media Installation ", set "always install with high privileges" to "enable"

The final solution to the above problems:
Download and install the Windows Installer cleanup utility 1.0 provided by Microsoft. Its main function is to clear the Windows Installer configuration information of the program. Start the tool to list all installed software used by Windows Installer in the current system. Select the software that has a problem and click "Remove.
Windows Installer cleanup utility 1.0:
First, click the "Start | run" command and enter "gpedit. MSC "runs the" Group Policy "program, and then sequentially. double-click "Computer Configuration | management template | Windows Components | Windows Installer | Disable Windows Installer", select "not set" in the "Disable Windows Installer attributes" dialog box, and click OK to exit

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