Which version of Apple iPhone7 is better? What are the differences between iPhone 7 versions?

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First, this year, China is still the first country to launch the new iPhone, while Hong Kong and Taiwan (for the first time) are also in the first batch. In addition, in addition to the Southeast Asian and European markets, it can be predicted that the first batch of iPhone 7 sales will be very tight, and there will be price increases in the initial stage, so users who plan to purchase should pay attention to it. The iPhone 7 subscription will start on December 31, September 9 and will be officially available on December 31, September 16. Therefore, users who plan to purchase the iPhone 7 will be preemptible, the address is available on the official website of Apple, Jingdong, Suning, Gome, and other e-commerce platforms. Currently, the reservation is free of charge. We recommend that you make a reservation in advance.
Compared with the many models in previous years, the iPhone 7 models and the iPhone 7 Plus models have become much simpler this year, currently, the published models include A1660, A1661, A1778, and A1784, A1779, and A1785. Although they are complex, they are actually very simplified, we also analyzed the versions of these models. Interested users can further understand their differences and features.
(The data in this article is from the official website of Apple. We can see the analysis of Apple's products in previous years. Since the iPhone 7/7 Plus was not officially available at the time of writing this article, there may be errors and omissions in this article, we will also make updates later. Please forgive me .)
Digital models A1660/A1661 (China/US) : For some carriers in the Chinese mainland and the United States, full Netcom is the best choice for domestic users.
I'm glad that this year China has once again become the first country to launch the iPhone 7. At present, Apple's official website has released domestic models, including A1660 (iPhone 7) and A1661 (7 Plus ), we can clearly see from the official website that China bank supports FDD-LTE, TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, CDMA, WCDMA, and GSM networks, just like last year's iPhone 6 s, this is a typical full Netcom product. Therefore, both mobile, Unicom, and telecom users use this version and are compatible with each other. In fact, this is also the biggest advantage of the China Mobile iPhone in recent years.
What we want to emphasize here is, A1660/A1661 is actually a public retail version of Apple's official website. It is indeed a standard full Netcom model, mainly for countries and regions with CDMA networks. However, according to our national conditions, carriers often launch their own custom machines, the most typical of which is mobile custom machines, therefore, it is likely that some shielding or special models will be available on the network (Apple launched a special 6 s mobile customized version last year, which only supports mobile networks ), this also requires you to pay attention to the subsequent purchase, mainly in the operator's contract machine.
In addition, it should be noted that, in fact, some carriers of Apple in the U.S. market (Verizon and Sprint) sell this version, and they also have the full Netcom attribute, and the minimum price is equivalent to about RMB 4300, the price advantage is still relatively obvious, but according to Apple's aftersales policy in previous years, it is likely that it cannot be guaranteed in China. If a hardware problem occurs, the repair cost of a thousand yuan is still a headache.
So if you are wondering which full Netcom version you want to buy, we recommend domestic products this year, so you don't have to worry about which carrier you are using, just plug-in cards. In addition, Apple has launched the yearly renewal plan. In the future, free new services will be available, so it is worth considering. Of course, if you have to pick out the shortcomings of the Chinese bank, it may be that the starting price of 5388 yuan is relatively expensive, and the overall cost-performance ratio is slightly discounted. However, considering the current devaluation of the renminbi, the prices for purchasing water products are similar, so the Bank of China is still somewhat guaranteed.
About the country line model information can be obtained from the Apple official website: http://www.apple.com/cn/iphone-7/specs/
Digital models A1660/A1661 (Hong Kong ): The same as the Chinese version, but does not support full Netcom, the price is advantageous.
In previous years, the Hong Kong version has different models and domestic versions, but this year's iPhone 7 is quite unique. The digital models of the Hong Kong iPhone 7 are the same as those of the National iPhone 7. According to the general idea, the same models and attributes should be the same. Let's take a closer look at the model attribute table of the iPhone 7 in Hong Kong. Although the digital models of the iPhone 7 in Hong Kong are also A1660 and A1661, there is no CDMA network in Hong Kong, in terms of network attributes, CDMA networks are naturally not supported, so the full Netcom attribute is not available.
Currently, countries and regions in which this version is available include Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Europe, and AT&T and T-Mobile carriers in the United States, after all, the price of the iPhone 7 US version is 649 US dollars (free trial), about 4300 yuan, the price advantage is still relatively obvious, as for other countries, the price is almost the same, however, considering that the first batch of instances are basically offered at a higher price, and the subsequent warranty is uncertain, the advantage is actually further weakened.
About the version of the model information can be obtained from the Apple official website (Taiwan): http://www.apple.com/tw/shop/buy-iphone/iphone-7
Digital Models A1779/A1785: only available in the full Netcom version in Japan. It supports the FeliCa feature and may have a network lock.
In fact, the most special feature of iPhone 7 this year is that it provides a unique version for the Japanese market. The digital models are not A1779 or A1785, but in fact this version also has the full Netcom attribute, for example, FDD/TDD/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/CDMA/GSM networks are supported and are familiar with the same network as those of the National Bank. Why is this version Special? It mainly includes the addition of the FeliCa feature on the hardware (a non-contact smart card technology developed by Sony), which can be used with Japanese payments. Unfortunately, the Felica technology is only commercially available in Japan, so this version is also known as Japan's exclusive. Due to the special nature of the version, you should pay attention to it when buying it.
In addition, the price of this special daily iPhone 7 is about 4800 yuan, so there is no advantage in price. In addition, the daily version of the mobile phone is likely to have a network lock problem, so the cost-effectiveness is not high.
About this version of the model information can be obtained from the Apple official website (Japan): http://www.apple.com/jp/iphone-7/specs/
To sum up, we can easily see that this year's iPhone 7 model is relatively simple. The iPhone 7 model A1660/A1661 is intended for countries and regions with CDMA networks, china Mobile Edition, Hong Kong Edition (Macao edition), and some carrier versions in the United States, including China Mobile Edition, Macao edition, and some carrier versions in the United States all have full Netcom attributes, however, it is clear that only the China Mobile Edition can enjoy the complete after-sales service. Although the Hong Kong version is the same as the Chinese version, it only supports dual 4G.
While A1778/A1784 is available in most countries and regions around the world, it also only supports mobile/Unicom double 4G, does not support telecommunications; as for A1779/A1785, it is only available in Japan, supports the FeliCa technology, and the network also has full Netcom, but there may be network locks.
Currently, Apple has announced the prices for iPhone 7, which are 5388 yuan (32 GB), 6188 yuan (128 GB), and 6988 yuan (256 GB ), iPhone 7 Plus is priced at 6388 yuan (32 GB), 7188 yuan (128 GB), and 7988 yuan (256 GB). Honestly, it is not cheap. Is it necessary to consider buying goods? In fact, we recommend that you purchase China bank, because according to Apple's current warranty policy, only China bank can enjoy complete after-sales services, including 7-day return and 15-day replacement. Although the Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan editions can enjoy the warranty, there are still some restrictions. For example, you may need to provide valid purchase invoices and present relevant certificates.
Although the iPhone 7 does not bring an essential surprise in terms of appearance, its improvements in concept, performance, and functionality are still very obvious. If you are using the iPhone 6 and earlier models, we recommend that you update them. But if you are using the iPhone 6 s/6 s Plus, honestly we don't think there is much need to upgrade. After all, there is not much difference between the two, except for cameras and waterproofing, there are indeed not many essential differences.
In terms of iPhone 7 purchase, if we choose the Hong Kong version/other regions in the past years, it will have a price advantage, and now it seems that they are "only price advantages, after all, China bank lacks support for CDMA networks, and most versions cannot enjoy the domestic warranty. With the launch of China bank's yearly renewal plan, the non-Guoxing version will further reduce its attractiveness. Of course, the most critical factor is that the supply of the first batch of iPhone 7 is quite tight, and water products are not necessarily much cheaper than goods, so it is not wise to start with water products.
If you really want to start with iPhone 7, in the current environment, book a reservation from the official website or e-commerce platform, and try to start with the original price, whether you are full consumption or installment payment, this is obviously the most recommended method currently.

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