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Programmers represent technology owners who are more powerful than other groups. They can even say that they have the legendary golden finger. However, transition obsession with technology also makes it impossible for many programmers to get that secret. This book will tell the stories of programmers who have found the secret and help you analyze how they find the secret.

Playing Technology and Exploitation Technology
What is the most proud thing for programmers? It must be a technology that you have made to show off in front of others. Just like when camark made a new 3D game technology, the whole world was crazy. This is the ultimate fantasy that technicians can achieve. However, for most programmers, such a height cannot be reached, but it does not prevent them from showing their skills.
I know a technician in the DOS era. He learned the five-stroke input method when others only use the Pinyin input method. When others only use UCDOS, he can decrypt WPS files, when someone else uses CCed, he can show off the code of the menu written in C language. However, we are still complacent about the technology we have mastered. In fact, such technical personnel should not be in the minority, and even some people are only smiling in fifty steps.
This is not to blame for them, because when software development first entered China, there were few technical materials, especially when dos transitioned to Windows programming, microsoft has not released many APIs. At that time, the core of a product may be to learn more about an API or hook than others. Jiang Tao once talked about Kingsoft's development, but it is only because they used a hook mechanism to intercept information from the program and translate the information, but this technology is used, in fact, it has created such a large industry and several millionaires. For Wang Zhidong, he analyzed the DLL files in the Windows system to implement the localization of the Windows platform, and thus gave birth to a popular Chinese star software. Rising rising of rising stars is also because Liu Xu launched the detection and removal mechanism of popular word macro virus, and then opened the market. At that time, these people were called Masters because they mastered some key technologies. It can even be said that it is not necessarily a technology, but a skill.
However, with the rise of the Internet, the value of skills has become smaller and smaller. If you encounter a problem, you can find the answer by searching through a search engine. I can't do it. When I send a request to the Forum, there will often be experts who will tell you the answer. It becomes increasingly unimportant for a person to master certain technical skills. Speaking of this, we can talk about an episode. This is when Microsoft first selected MVP (the most valuable expert in the community) and decided on csdn based on expert scores, that is, who answered the most questions, who is an expert. After csdn gave the list to Microsoft through retrieval, what impressed everyone at the first meeting was that the first girl was not very programming. When asking her about her experience, she said that every time she saw the problem, she would first search for it using a search engine. If she could not find the Chinese language, she would use some keywords to search for a website in English, in this way, some people usually answer the question. This is the answer, and many of them are in English. This also makes many netizens feel that this is indeed a high person, because these questions are answered in English. After learning about all this, I suddenly realized that apart from the laziness of Some programmers, I can also feel that the skill is no longer a barrier to measure the level of a programmer.
In this case, it is more important to check whether a programmer's value can see the commercial value above the technology in addition to its depth and breadth. At this time, if a programmer is still showing off for a certain skill all day long, I believe that he cannot achieve a higher score.
Another layer of play technology is obsessed with the latest technologies. Once new advances are made, you have to download and try it, or install and play it. Once we were invited to a technical seminar by a company. There will be two groups of development teams at the meeting. One is the original technical development team, and the other is the latest team. NET technology development, at that time. net is also a new technology. Some people recommended Dai Xi an engineer for the teacher. This engineer claims to be right. NET technology is very proficient. However, at the meeting, the engineer told me about his preparation. when net was conceived as a product, the original development team asked a lot about the system design level, and this engineer was almost unable to cope with it because he was just playing. NET technology, but has no experience in the commercial application of such technology. After the meeting, Dai XI, a teacher, also said: "Although he has a certain understanding of Microsoft's. NET technology, he does not have much experience ." Later, the engineer developed well and entered the Microsoft Development Cooperation Department to describe the latest technologies of Microsoft. It was also a good choice to come back to his hobby. However, such a position is only a minority. For most programmers, playing technology cannot bring him higher value.
Two days ago, the engineer mentioned on his blog that he used the built-in Screen Saver Program of Microsoft's latest development platform to create his own screen saver and showed it to his colleagues. His colleagues felt very novel. When I saw this blog, I felt a bit bitter: Playing technology!
Another consequence of playing technology is that it is easy to lose its way. In the DOS era, there are few technical categories and few technical directions for programmers. However, with the emergence of Windows platforms, especially the Internet, various technologies emerge one after another. Even high-level programmers are hard to consider several technical fields. If you cannot have a deep understanding of the ins and outs of technological development, it is easy to be limited to the superficial understanding of technology, and it is easy for programmers to know how to choose the technology to continue, I lost watermelon and picked sesame seeds. As a result, there will be a question in the Forum about what technologies are good and what languages should be chosen ." According to most people's interpretations, as long as a technical route is selected, the real drilling will naturally achieve good results, because different technologies are interconnected. Sun zhanbo, a Microsoft engineer, is answering the programmer's question: "should we be deeply engaged in technology or broad ?" When you have doubts, I do not hesitate to say: "It is enough to take some time every week to understand the breadth. It is not complicated to obtain any resources, especially when the Internet is so convenient, the amount of information on the Internet is so large, professional websites are so busy, and retrieval is extremely convenient ."
In addition, there is another result of playing technology, that is, it is easy to ignore the needs of users. Cool technology is a great thing, but it cannot guarantee continuous survival. Although Silicon Valley once attracted the attention of programmers by looking at which company is the coolest technology. For example, Apple's technology was the coolest at first, and a browser company like Netscape appeared to give people the feeling that the technology is cool. Then sun launched the Java language and Java technology became cool, but now Google's search engine has become the coolest technology. Therefore, it is far from enough to focus on cool technologies. In the book "unstoppable trends", co-authored by Trend Micro founder Zhang Ming and Ms. Chen Yiyi said that the culture of starting trends is the coolest technology and product, however, with the development of the company to a certain stage, they found that only these do not guarantee the company's sustainable development and customer recognition, and the real understanding and analysis of user needs is more important. "Our company will transform from a cool technology company to a company that meets customer needs .", This is the conclusion they have made for more than a decade, and programmers in software companies should naturally get some inspiration from it.



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