Win10 FAQ-the taskbar disappears and win10 FAQ

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Win10 FAQ-the taskbar disappears and win10 FAQ
Problem description:

O had a bitter taste of win10, and there were endless bugs. The two biggest bugs currently encountered were:

1. Black screen appears at a high probability after startup, only the mouse, no desktop, cannot be saved

2. The task bar may be lost at a high probability of normal operation and cannot be saved.

Problem 1: There is no good solution so far. You can only restart it,

Question 2: Find a way to share it with this blog.

Specific measures:

The failure in the task column is caused by the creation of the assumer.exeprocess. the restart method is as follows:

W1-if you can open windows Resource Manager, find the program Location C: \ Windows \ assumer.exe and double-click to run it.

W2-if you can open the task manager, create a new task: file-> run the new task C: \ Windows \ assumer.exe

Finally, if you have any friends who know the BUG-1 solution, we hope you will be in a hurry ~

Grateful ~

Windows 7 Task Bar disappears


Right-click the taskbar --- Properties

You can find a check box like "display the taskbar at the top ".

Windows 7 Family Basic Task Bar disappears (all rows below the screen are gone). Why bother me?

1) You have hidden the taskbar. Place the cursor below the taskbar, And the taskbar will automatically appear. Right-click the blank area of the "Taskbar" and click "properties" in the displayed dialog box ", in the displayed selection box, click the check box before "automatically hide the taskbar", and finally click Apply and OK.
2) If the taskbar is hidden, point to the position where it was last viewed so that it is displayed again. If you do not remember the last time you saw the taskbar, first point to the bottom of the screen and then to the side or top of the screen (if necessary ). The pointer may almost need to be removed from the screen to display the taskbar. Move the mouse to the four sides of the screen.

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