Win10edge when you open a Web site This site requires Internet Explorer How do I cancel?

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Since the installation of the WIN10 system, the built-in Microsoft Edge browser when opening most of the domestic shopping site, will be labeled as incompatible Microsoft, so there will be "this site needs Internet Explorer" prompts appear, although it can be just a little click on " Continue browsing in Microsoft Edge, but it can be cumbersome to manually resolve each time you appear.

Win10edge when you open a Web site This site requires Internet Explorer how to cancel the method:

1, you can try to open the map below the address, or have the impression that this situation can not be opened

2, if you want to use IE open, then you can click "Open with Internet Explorer"

3, enter about:flags in the address bar of Microsoft edge of WIN10 system, carriage return

4, open the developer settings will be "using the Microsoft Compatibility List" before the check off

5, after the change need to restart the browser in order for the changes to take effect. Setting will never eject the "This web site requires Internet Explorer" prompt.

The above is Win10edge when open the website to show this website need Internet Explorer How to cancel method introduction, hope can be helpful to everybody!

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