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The tablet computer is lightweight and portable, the touch is smooth, the notebook computer is powerful, the mouse is paired with the operation is efficient; Universal flat "This detachable notebook product has" 100% notebook +100% tablet "features, such as HP ENVY x2, easy integration of the advantages of tablets and laptops, with the Windows 8 operating system and rich applications, enough for us to work efficiently and happy leisure free switch.

Graphic: WIN8 Universal tablet hp Envy X2 tablet status and notebook status

HP ENVY x2 flat shape with a thickness of only 8.55mm, weight only 710g,1.6 inch HD LED backlight IPS display color performance, sharp image sharpness, watch high-definition movies, Chang play full-screen games or view pictures of the United States, visual enjoy first-class. The Beats audio sound system developed by HP and the Magic Sound not only brings the sound playback effect of HP ENVY X2 comparable to professional audio equipment. The rear of the fuselage is equipped with a 8 million megapixel camera with LED flash, which can take HD photos and 1080P video, and a 2 million megapixel camera to support clear quality video calls. With unique seamless magnetic latch, the HP ENVY X2 can be changed from flat to portable, with Intel's latest X86 architecture processor, 2GB memory and 64GB SSD solid-state drive, which can be easily realized in all kinds of text entry and Office applications.

Work efficiently and anytime, office and WIN8 screen stickers

Office suite has always been the most popular office software on the Windows operating system, and after entering the Win8 era, office is still the most preferred tool for most users when they are in office. With an in-depth combination of SkyDrive cloud services, Windows 8 enables users to share Excel, Word, and PowerPoint documents with other Windows devices at any time. For example, in their WIN8 office computer to share the first draft of the document to SkyDrive, and then from the tablet computer or Windows Phone Phone connection to SkyDrive continue to complete the document modification, to achieve anytime, anywhere office.

Graphic: Win8 Versatile flat-panel hp Envy X2 Run Office

The new Office 2013 offers a clean interface with fast, smooth running, a newly added PDF editing feature, automatic bookmark creation, and so on, and the built-in image search feature can be found in the Bing search engine and inserted directly into the document ... A variety of rich features greatly improve work efficiency.

Win8 on the right side of the Super button (Charm) area to join the Share button, you can quickly and easily to the text, Web pages L, pictures and other documents to share the various applications such as mail, calendar, microblogging, and timely sharing with colleagues or friends.

At the same time WIN8 for widescreen equipment users with a flexible and easy to rely on the function, can be two of the need to be used in the sight of the application and emissions on the WIN8 screen for easy viewing. At the same time, the Windows traditional desktop is also considered an application that supports the use of windows in the paste-and-split screen. Keyboard users can use the "Win + period" shortcut keys to achieve the screen-sticking, touch screen operation is simpler: in the left column of the screen, select Apply a thumbnail to drag to the right side of the screen to contain three small dots vertical divider to release, Win8 screen can be displayed at the same time two applications, can be independently manipulated. As shown in the picture, the HP ENVY x2 screen now shows two applications, namely mail and office running on a traditional Windows desktop, where users can edit documents while viewing messages.

Graphic: Win8 Universal flat-panel HP Envy X2 screen Stickers

After busy work, remove the keyboard, HP ENVY x2 into a refreshing and convenient Win8 tablet computer, use it to listen to music, play photo beautification, and then happy net shopping ... Relax and enjoy your leisure time.

Happy listening to music I use cool music

At the end of the stressful work, spare time may wish to listen to music. Win8 version of "Cool Music" interface home very much like record shelves, pictures with the recommended theme, you can automatically adjust the number of display lines according to different screen resolution; The upper left corner of the interface is recommended, music library and my music three eye-catching labels, the top right is the search box, the bottom of the interface is music playback control, concise and clear.

Diagram: HP ENVY x2 flat mode run cool music

All the themes you are playing or the songs that you add individually to the list can be seen from the current list in the lower-right corner of the interface, and you can add multiple themes and songs to the same table. The list of songs can be cycled, single loop, sequential playback and random play four ways to switch.

Graphic: Win8 Versatile flat-panel Hewlett-Packard Envy X2 play songs while displaying lyrics

In addition, the WIN8 version of Cool music features no need to log in to use, and its caching function can be in the absence of the network of the situation played once heard songs, which provides users with a lot of convenience.

Take a picture to repair the picture try the beauty Mito

HP ENVY X2 uses HP's unique innovative technology with HP Truevision bi-directional high-definition cameras with a 8 million megapixel camera with LED flash on the rear, with high-definition photos and 1080P video, with a front camera resolution of 2 million pixels, You can experience the fun and convenience of free photography, or you can experience fluent high-definition video chat when using instant messaging applications such as QQ.

Illustration: Win8 Universal flat-panel HP Envy X2 front and rear camera photos

When you finish taking pictures, you will have to repair them. The United States Mito is familiar with the image processing applications, its simple and convenient operation gained a lot of users love, is an early landing in the Windows 8 application store, one of the Chinese applications, the application of the studio special effects and beauty processing functions can be more easily for beauty of the mm to create beautiful photos.

Illustration: Win8 Almighty Flat-panel Hewlett-Packard Envy X2 with the United States Mito processing pictures

Win8 version of the United States Mito provides a full range of picture beautification, in addition to picture cutting, rotation, adjust brightness, clarity, contrast, saturation, etc., you can quickly make studio effect within a second, beauty effects can easily thin face thin body, grinding Pimeb, eye amplification, acne, dispel black eye, bright eyes, beauty skin and so on; The image processing function is rich, has Lomo, portrait, fashion, artistic special effects and so on, provides the template puzzle, the free puzzle, the picture mosaic and so on three big puzzles pattern, at any time splicing many pictures, simultaneously provides many kinds of pattern border and the font choice.

In addition, Win8 's "photo" application and "good photos" and other applications is also a good picture browsing and processing options.

Easy NET shopping Taobao, pocket shopping

Taobao WIN8 client application to the magazine reading visual display form to the user more beautiful intuitive shopping experience, providing from the choice of goods, purchase to pay a one-stop purchase flow experience.

In the WIN8 Taobao application main interface can see a lot of shopping topics, for example, "Daily Specials", "Discount Street" and so on, and for users to set up a commodity classification module, covering clothing clothing, luggage accessories, home food and other major categories and a number of branch categories, but also provides a powerful search function, Users can choose to organize the search results according to price, region and various filtering methods, and find the goods they need more quickly.

Graphic: With Win8 tablet hp Envy X2 shopping on Taobao

Users click on the purchase button in the Product Details interface, the application will automatically jump to the details of the purchase information interface, check the purchase of some of the items in detail to enter the order interface. Payment interface, WIN8 Taobao application to support fast payment, credit cards, card, mobile phone network, such as silver and many different payment methods, fast and easy to operate.

Win8 version of the "pocket shopping" application in the home page of the popular recommendation of the girl installed, light ripe women, charts, children's wear, men's clothing and technology and other channels, and with Win8 modern interface design can be configured rectangular function interface combo box, information performance more intuitive and clear, the goods show more close to user browsing learning. The application support Taobao account, Sina Weibo and QQ account login and other means, and support micro-letter, Sina Weibo, Renren, QQ space, watercress and other communities to share. Support Baby collection, dynamic magnetic paste display Ex-gratia merchandise information.

Graphic: Win8 Versatile flat-panel hp Envy X2 run Pocket Shopping Application

Other relevant online shopping applications and Jingdong Mall, Ruyi Amoy, Suning easy to buy, and so on, we can according to their own needs and habits of choice.

With the "100% Notebook +100% Flat" feature of the HP ENVY X2 not only in the flat form to provide the perfect entertainment experience and good portable performance, the keyboard is turned into a notebook after the combination of day-to-day office and complex big game needs. For consumers struggling between tablets and notebooks, HP ENVY X2 offers the perfect choice to work efficiently and relax with the new Windows 8 operating system and the rich application of the App Store.

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