Win8 power icon does not show up

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1. First determine if the icon is hidden. Click the small triangle symbol in the lower right corner of the taskbar to open the hidden icon, like this:

2. If you can see your icon here, click on "Custom", the following screen appears. By adjusting the settings to show icons and notifications, you can see the icon in the taskbar, or simply click the battery icon you want to display and drag it to the displayed location:

3. If in the second step you cannot find the volume or the power configuration in the Open interface, click "Turn System icon on or off" in the box, just like this:

4. Set the switch to Enabled, then click OK, like this:

5, if in the 4th step you find the drop-down menu cannot be clicked, that is, cannot choose on or off, then press the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC key on the keyboard (note: This image is provided by other online technology uploader ):

6. Find the Explorer.exe process in the details interface of the task manager below, select him, and then click "End Process", like this: (after performing this step, you will see the taskbar disappears, don't worry, continue to the next step):

7. In the 6th Step window, click File, and run a new task.

8. Enter Explorer.exe in the pop-up box and click OK, such as (this time the menu bar is out again, repeat the 2nd step, you will find the volume icon or the power icon can be configured again):

9. If you cannot see the volume icon after the previous 8 steps, please continue looking down. Press and hold the Win+r key on the keyboard to bring up the window and enter devmgmt.msc in the window:

10. In the pop-up Device Manager, see if your device has an exclamation point, and if so, it means that your hardware or device is driving a problem:

11. If it is a hardware problem, only to look at the maintenance point, if it is the driving problem, then please reinstall the driver, reinstall the sound card after the driver, restart their own computer, repeat the first step, then will be able to solve the problem.

Win8 power icon does not show up

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