Windows 7 OEM Activator V1.2.14 Green Edition (win7 activation tool) download and installation instructions

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Windows 7 OEM Activator V1.2.14 Green Edition (win7 activation tool) download and installation instructions

Windows 7 OEM Activator V1.2.14 Green Edition (win7 activation tool)

Software size: 224 KB

Software language: Simplified Chinese

Software category: domestic software/Free Software/upgrade patch

Running Environment: Win2003, WinXP, Win2000

Windows 7 OEM Activator is an OEM activation program that can be used for Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, and Windows 7.

1.2.14 updates:

The activation serial number of Windows Server 2008R2 Enterprise Edition is added, and all activation serial numbers of Win7 and some Vista are replaced to avoid the possibility that the old serial number may be replaced by Microsoft.

Because Sony's SLIC 2.1 certificate is not compatible with the old version 2.0 and cannot support Vista activation, Sony's SLIC 2.0 simulation and 2.0 certificate were re-added.

RecentPure win7 EditionThe user has reflected the operations on the activation software, and many downloads do not know how to perform the operations. In fact, this software is very simple, you only need to follow the prompts to complete the activation. For example, if we make up a Dell Computer, we only need to enter "7", Because Dell corresponds to the "7" Operation number.

BenQ's computer corresponds to "6", so select "7" and press Enter. Next, enter "7" and press Enter. Follow the activation instructions to activate the Dell system.

Failed to activate? The downloaded version of Windows 7 OEM Activator V1.2.14 is incorrect. As a result, the certificate is incompatible and cannot be activated by Vista.

Some friends said that this software does not have its own computer brand activation serial number; it doesn't matter, we have another activation tool. Enter "Pony activation tool" in the search box of Windows 7. Select "Pony activation OemY3.1 NT6 universal perfect activation ".

The above answer cannot solve the user's problem. Another reason is that the system has already been activated. How can I check whether my computer system has been activated! Go to the Loader_v3.27 page of Windows7 and check the method in detail.

Click to go to the Windows 7 OEM Activator V1.2.14 Green Edition (win7 activation tool) download >>>

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