Windows 7 Gorgeous background, topic introduction

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Figure 1:windows 7 Gorgeous background, Theme introduction

According to foreign media reports, since Windows 95, Microsoft has added a theme to the Windows operating system. In general, the theme packs for Windows operating systems include personalization in the following ways: desktop backgrounds, screen savers, window border colors, sound plans, desktop icons, and mouse pointers.

In Windows 7, the latest generation of Windows client operating systems, Microsoft has added a number of themes, and, of course, users will be able to download the theme packs using Windows 7 for free through the personalized gallery in, if they don't feel comfortable with it.

In this article, we'll show you how to start topics on your computer, how to remove existing topics, and how to get more topics online.


If you want to change the theme in your computer, you need to personalize the window first. There are several ways to do this: #1, right click on the desktop, click Personalized Options, #2, enter "Change Theme" in the "Start Menu" and press "enter" key, #3, select "Appearance and Personalization" in the applet of the Control Panel, and click "Change Theme".

There are usually 13 topics included with Windows 7:

Aero Theme: Windows 7, architecture, Mission, landscape, nature, style, country theme

Basic and High-contrast Topics: Windows 7 Basic, Windows Classic, high contrast, high contrast white, high contrast black

The country theme for Windows 7 is dependent on your selected Windows 7 language version, but it may also contain some other topics. For example, the English version of Windows 7 contains 5 topics: Australia, Canada, South Africa, the UK and the United States. By default, only one country theme is displayed in the Windows 7 Personalization window, and the rest will be hidden by default.

Start topic:

To display the default hidden themes, the following 3 simple steps are mainly divided:

Unhide related files: #1, Folder Options-View, #2, advanced settings-hide files and folders, #3, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and cancel hide protected operating system files (recommended).

Figure 2:windows 7 Gorgeous background, Theme introduction

Figure 3:windows 7 Gorgeous background, Theme introduction

Figure 4:windows 7 Gorgeous background, Theme introduction

Apply and save a theme

Steps: Navigate to "%WINDIR%GLOBALIZATIONMCT"--"open folders in this area"--"Open the Theme Folder"--"double-click Folder."

When you enter a folder, you will see a lot of Windows 7 themes, double-click the selected topic package, pop the personalized window, and click Save.

Figure 5:windows 7 Gorgeous background, Theme introduction

Figure 6:windows 7 Gorgeous background, Theme introduction

Figure 7:windows 7 Gorgeous background, Theme introduction

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