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The unit Xiao Li in learned that Win7 speech recognition function, very wants to experience this with the computer intelligence "the Exchange", after the colleague Xiao Wang explains, quickly understood this intellectualized operation. Originally, the Win7 system speech recognition function, mainly by setting up the microphone to the computer, the Voice command and the computer operation instruction match, thus realizes the user through the voice to control the computer, lets the computer automatically operate.

Xiao Wang said that in order to use the speech recognition function in the Win7 system, the speech recognition related setting should be first, so as to start the program with Speech and open the menu.

In the Setup wizard, you need to select the type of microphone, such as a headset microphone, desktop microphone, or other type, and prepare the appropriate microphone.

After the microphone is ready, you can then choose to enable document review to improve the accuracy of speech recognition to better identify and understand what the user is saying.

Then, Xiao Wang cautioned, using speech recognition to manipulate the computer, you also need to choose the activation mode. If you select manual activation mode, you need to enable it by clicking the Microphone button or by pressing the "Ctrl+win" key, saying "stop listening" to turn off speech recognition.

Windows7 Tutorial

When you select the Voice activation mode, say "Stop listening" command, speech recognition goes to sleep, and when you say "Start listening", you can activate speech recognition. Of course, the Win7 system also provides an interactive speech recognition tutorial, you can learn to successfully control the computer through voice commands, to facilitate better interaction with the computer "communication."

Finally, Xiao Wang also for Xiao Li voice recognition operation computer Open Notepad input content and save the Operation demo. You can start speech recognition by clicking Windows Speech Recognition in the easy access section of the Start menu.

Start speech recognition, click on the interface of the talk button, you can start by talking to achieve the computer control. For example, say "Open Notepad" to run and open Notepad.

To enter content in Notepad, you can continue to say what you want to enter. "It's a nice day." You can enter it successfully; When you say "delete ' let's go out and play together" You can also quickly implement a delete operation.

When you need to save Notepad file, you can say "Close Notepad" pop-up Save the interface, continue to say "save" display operation number, say operation number, OK can complete save operation.

Through Xiao Wang's explanation, Xiao Li quickly mastered the Win7 speech recognition of this intelligent operation function, put aside the mouse and keyboard, easy to achieve with the computer voice control operation. and computer talk, you can let the computer to help you complete the corresponding operation, simple and convenient, really not for a computer operation of lazy people coup.

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