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Toss about two days, and finally put my little Ben installed on the long-right Windows 7,u version (installed after the Chinese language pack is called the flagship version), and successfully activated, now we are also the owner of genuine software, secretly pleased

The installation process is smooth, before from the hard drive installed once, Win7 automatically put my C disk original Windows 2003 into the old folder, the boot boot has an option to be able to choose the original Windows startup, this is generally useless, and old folder is very large, Especially for disk space, manually deleted words always feel still not very clean, later simply to find a friend borrowed a 15G usb drive, my hard disk on the Windows 7 copy to the USB flash disk and made a startup plate, directly from the USB disk installed, before the lattice off the C and D plate, clean and reload once. Here's what I've been looking for from Google. To install Windows 7 with a USB drive, you can actually carve a Windows 7 CD with the boot, and then install it directly from the CD, but my little Ben can only engrave CDs, so there's no way.

The introduction of a number of different methods, useful tools to do, in fact, are not so complex, a few simple steps on the line:

1. The USB drive used must be greater than 4G.

2. Use the command line to partition and format the USB drive on the line. Follow the instructions below to make sure you don't understand what the command means (I don't understand), just follow the on-screen instructions.

1 diskpart
3 list disk
5 select disk F (Note: F is the drive letter of my USB flash drive)
7 clean
9 create partition primary
11 select partition 1
13 active
15 format fs=NTFS quick
17 assign
19 exit

3. Copy all the files from Windows 7 to the prepared USB drive. Note that if your copy of Windows 7 is in ISO format, unzip it and copy it to the root of the USB drive, and do not modify the directory structure. ISO files can be extracted with WinRAR.

4. Write startup information to USB flash drive.

The command line executes BOOTSECT/NT60 x: (where x is the letter of your USB drive)

Note that the Bootsect command is a tool from Windows 7 that is stored in the boot directory under Windows 7 installation. Switch to the boot directory under Windows 7 in CMD mode, and then execute the above command, indicating that the system startup information has been written to the location you specified after the success.

5. Reboot the computer from the USB drive to start the installation of Windows 7. General new computer motherboards are supported from the USB drive, if your computer is older, suggest you still do not install Windows 7, or you will be very painful.

Windows 7 from the USB disk installation quickly, almost follow the hard drive directly installed almost, half an hour or so, you can complete, and drive what generally do not need their own alone, I was Hewlett-Packard, on their own installed a graphics driver (otherwise the screen resolution is not 1280). If you have special equipment on your machine (such as my own HDD protection and fingerprint identification, etc.), you will need to install the driver and the application separately. In addition to installing some of the necessary software, due to the needs of the work I have to install SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2008, and then found a lot of problems, the following slowly, unfortunately, the process I did not cut out the picture, then write more words!!

First install Visual Studio 2008. My this is the English Professional edition of the ISO format of the document, installed before the need to install a virtual optical drive. Because used to always use daemon, so directly to find a backup began to install, behold windows 7 actually hint software incompatible! I also tried to download a few higher versions, the same hint, even from the daemon official download has a clear description of the support of Windows 7 version, but also prompted compatibility issues, fainted ~ ~ Simply forcibly installed it, in the mind that there should be no big problem. After loading reboot, Windows 7 incredibly in the welcome interface stuck, and then automatically restart the machine, tried several times, it seems to be installed daemon Windows 7 to break. By! I just finished 10 minutes ago. Windows 7, is it so easy to be abolished?? Fortunately, Windows 7 has automatic repair features, restart the machine after trying to use this function, not a few minutes to repair, and then successfully logged in, and found that I installed daemon before the test on the desktop files are still, it seems that Windows 7 System Restore function is not bad, quite accurate!

Daemon can not use, change another bar, and then tried virtual clonedrive, feeling in Windows 7 very good, early know that there is no need to daemon, blind toss. It is recommended that you install this gadget under Windows 7, which is really good and small, and does not occupy system resources, search on Google and provide downloads in many places.

With the virtual CD-ROM, start installing Visual Studio 2008. This installation is also very smooth, a short while, the installation process also did not prompt any errors and compatibility issues. The SQL Server 2005 is installed shortly thereafter. The problem is, at the beginning of Windows 7 prompted that the version is not compatible, it is really strange ah, even Microsoft's own products are incompatible, it seems that Microsoft's changes to the Windows is indeed not small ah. Take a closer look at the dialog box that prompts for compatibility, and here's a line that says, "it probably means that after you install this version, you need to hit SQL Server SP3 or a higher patch to make sure the program works, so I'm going to force it and I hope this doesn't happen." Fortunately, the installation of SQL Server 2005 is still relatively smooth, there are a few warnings between, not to control it, to the end of the prompt installation success. Shortly thereafter I downloaded the SQL Server SP3 patch to start the installation. Follow the prompts step-by-step, this is generally not a problem, I was in the installation after the operating system configuration is prompted by a bug, but the installation is still successful. Then happily click Start-Program-sql Server 2005, the following incredibly did not find SQL Server Management Studio, strange, I used to be installed under Windows 2003 This version ah, did not appear after the installation can not find the SSMs Ah, It appears to be due to compatibility issues. Fortunately, the machine backup has SSMS, directly installed! Mount to the last error occurred, described as "Setup encountered an error while installing this package, which may indicate that this package is faulty." Error code is 29506 ", the point is OK and then rolled back. Just started to think that the file is corrupted, and then try to install again after downloading several times, or the same problem. Google search for a bit, found in Vista above Windows need to install SSMs SP2 version, Zh-cn#filelist

Microsoft's things upgrade too fast, patches are not win Ah! Even this has to be patched ~ ~ ~

After downloading install, no problem, the Program menu finally appears SQL Server Management Studio tool, open can also normal to my local database. It's OK!

By the way, the patch download address for VS 2008 SP1: Zh-cn

Note that the download of the patch to select the language, if the local program is English version, download the English version of the patch, otherwise the installation will be prompted version does not meet.

Many of the previously used software will be incompatible under Windows 7. This of course also includes Microsoft's own products, if encountered in the installation of operating system prompts are not compatible, then pay attention to the relevant information, not arbitrarily forced installation, or may cause Windows 7 Some problems caused system instability.

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